Transform Your Rooftop into an Urban Oasis

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Transform Your Rooftop into an Urban Oasis

You may have read about Silca System’s applications for elevated decks and patios, as well as stone paver pool decks. If you think we’ve exhausted the possible uses for Silca System in residential and commercial spaces, you’re mistaken. The fact is, you can use Silca System’s subfloor for a rooftop deck like Vida Fitness U Street did in Washington, D.C.

Imagine being able to boast your hotel or spa’s brand new rooftop pool and pool deck in the fiercely competitive hospitality or wellness markets. It’s not just a dream! Silca System can help you make it a reality.

You can create a beautiful poolside path of pavers and even have “grass” surrounding your pool by laying turf on your Silca System grids. Silca System’s strength and durability means you can place lounge chairs, cabanas, and more on the turf without worrying about the grids buckling under pressure.

However, you don’t need to have a rooftop pool to transform your barren rooftop into a private getaway or the perfect place to entertain guests. Hotels, fitness centers, apartment buildings, and even offices can turn unused rooftop space into an oasis retreat where residents, employees, and visitors can escape from the daily grind! Even the level roof on a residential home can be transformed.

Not so long ago the idea of a rooftop deck was considered fanciful. Today, not only is it a very real possibility, but it’s not the overwhelming undertaking you might imagine. Even the intrepid do-it-yourselfer can use Silca System to create a rooftop deck.

Rooftop gardens are popping up in cities across the United States as people seek to bring a little more green to their overwhelmingly concrete surroundings. While you may not be able to plant in turf, a Silca System rooftop deck or patio creates an area to relax and enjoy the peace of your surroundings—a gorgeous cityscape view.

If you’ve ever considered a rooftop deck or patio, start with Silca System’s subflooring to make your dream a reality. Whether you choose turf or pavers, you will create an urban escape for yourself, your employees, residents, guests, and members. To learn more about Silca System or to place an order, visit

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