Is Silca System for everyone?

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Is Silca System for everyone?

Have you ever thought, “I have no use for a pool deck and no place to put a balcony; Silca System must not be for everyone after all.” If so, you are WRONG! There are many other application options with Silca System. For example, do you have a green thumb? Have you ever thought about turning your backyard into your very own enchanted garden? Silca System’s subfloor enables you to build a garden oasis, complete with a low maintenance brick or stone garden path, bridge, and/or a gazebo with a fireplace!

Maybe it sounds expensive and impossible. It’s not! Silca Grate is reasonably priced, and the customer service representatives will work with you to find the best shipment method. As for impossible, Silca System does not accept the idea of an “impossible” deck design. Traditional paths and walkways are beautiful, but quite often require a bit of maintenance. Bricks chip and crack, stones become loose and ill-fitting, and the entire walkway can shift, or even sink, from natural weathering and seasonal changes. Silca Grate, however, provides a sturdy, weatherproof subfloor to keep your garden path level and creates the perfect surface on which to place your choice of stone or brick pavers. Your pavers will last for years—with little to no maintenance required because they are not laying directly in the ground!

Silca Grate is easy to cut and shape, so feel free to add as many turns and curves as you want to your stone garden path. As you design your path, consider adding a brige that leads to your gorgeous gazebo with a fireplace! You can tie everything together by using the same brick or stone pavers for your path and gazebo floor OR give the gazebo floor a brand new look. Either way, you will be able to safely add a gazebo fireplace to your garden getaway without every worrying about a wood plank floor catching fire!

With pavers and Silca Grate for your garden path, your choices are nearly endless. You can choose to mimic the natural look of river stones or create an intricate pattern. Whether your pavers are square, hexagonal, or seemingly random pieces that fit together like a puzzle, your ability to express your own style and preferences is limited only by your imagination!

American-made Silca Grates ship all over the continental United States and Canada, meaning you can build your stone garden path, brick, and gazebo with a fireplace anywhere!

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If you want to get some ideas to start planning your project, browse through the Silca System photo galleries on Houzz and Facebook.

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