Paving the Way for Deck and Balcony Fireplaces

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Some people embrace the summer heat and look forward to warm evenings on their wood decks and balconies. However, the heat isn’t a welcome friend for some who are already looking ahead to cool, autumn evening on their decks, enjoying an ocean or mountain breeze or even the wind rustling through the trees. What could possibly make such an evening better? How about the warm, enchanting flames of a deck fireplace? Of course, that’s impossible, though, right? No one wants to risk their wood or composite wood deck going up in smoke! Silca System has the solution: With Silca System’s deck subfloor and stone or brick pavers, you can comfortably and safely enjoy cool evening with your own deck or balcony fireplace!

No matter where you live, Silca System is available to you. Manufactured in Northeast Ohio, Silca System is shipped all over the country. And, while it may not look it, Silca System is environmentally friendly and made from 100% recycled materials!

Silca system can be used as the subfloor for a variety of different decks, patios, and balconies from rooftop pool decks to elevated backyard patios or sturdy stone paver balconies. The strength and durability of Silca Grate enables you to create virtually maintenance free decks and balconies while opening a world of possibilities that traditional wood decks would never support. Silca System’s motto is “Why be limited?” and they are proving time and again that your options with Silca Grate are only as limited as you make them.

With a deck fireplace, you’ll have more than just a spot for backyard barbeques. Not only can you create an extension of your home, but you can have an outdoor living area that lends itself to entertaining guests and also to quiet evenings by the fire, escaping from daily stressors. No matter whether you want your deck fireplace to be a gathering place for friends and family or a special spot just for you and a good book, Silca System will help you make your dream a reality.

You don’t have to build your deck or balcony from scratch. If you’re tired of replacing, repairing, and resealing your wood deck boards year after year, make the switch to Silca System! The patented Silca Grates are made to it standard floor joists. Even though the Grates are incredibly strong and durable, they are easy to cut, shape, and trim. The cost for such a product must be high, right? It’s not! In fact, Silca Gate and pavers combined are comparable to the price of composite decking. Your finished project will look like a million bucks without costing nearly that!

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