Going “Green” Silca System & GreenDay Systems

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Silca System & GreenDay Systems have teamed up to bring you a revolutionary new, eco-friendly decking product!

Many people are starting to alter their habits in order to live more “green” lifestyles. Most companies are doing whatever they can to support these individuals who want products that are better for the environment. GreenDay Systems in Northeast Ohio is one such company. They offer a large selection of natural home living products. From air quality systems and green cleaning products to solar screen systems and high efficiency water heaters, GreenDay Systems has virtually everything a homeowner could need, or want, to create a safe, healthy, and sustainable living environment.

GreenDay Systems has partnered with Silca System to offer deck building and remodeling products that are considered eco-friendly building materials. Together, the companies are able to offer homeowners a “green” deck base on which to build their ideal deck. With Silca System’s recycled decking, aspiring DIYers can construct an elegant outdooor space without the assistance of a professional contractor.

Since GreenDay Systems’ regard for the environment is evident in every item they offer, it’s no wonder that their deck remodeling products are made of earth-friendly components as well. The GreenGrate system is 100% recycled deck subflooring, composed of materials that would have otherwise taken up space in a landfill. Rather than constructing a deck or patio from wood and contributing to the loss of trees, this eco-friendly material is a sustainable option.

American-made GreenGrate deck subflooring opens up a world of possibilities for those wanting to renovate their outdoor space. In fact, GreenGrate is so user-friendly that homeowners can install the deck subfloor themselves before covering it with pavers of their choice. While many homeowners choose a layer of stone for a sophisticated outdoor living space, those who want a more “green” option often select recycled pavers. Choosing to use recycled rubber pavers on top of your GreenGrate means that you can create a 100% eco-friendly deck for your home.

While GreenGrate helps you stay “green,” it also saves you time and money by reducing the expense of maintenance and increasing the value and appearance of your home and yard while protecting you from the elements and even extending the seasonal use of your outdoor living space. The best part? Silca System designed this recycled deck subfloor so that homeowners could easily obtain the deck of their dreams without the hassle of conventional installation methods.

Do you feel that your home has lost its appeal? Consider the appeal of a deck that is eco-friendly and low maintenance–this “green” deck subfloor can transform your deck!

To find out more about GreenDay Systems and how their products can help you live a more “green” lifestyle, visit or call 866-988-2532.

To learn more about the deck subfloor, how it was developed, and the variety of application it can be used for, visit or call 330-821-1585.

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