Avoid the Hassle of a Sinking Patio

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Many homeowners appreciate the look and sturdy surface of a brick or stone patio. Unfortunately, when an outdoor area is constructed improperly, homeowners end up with a sinking patio and must spend thousands of dollars on patio repair. The problem lies in the base: dirt. Dirt is not the most suitable substructure for a deck. Silca System, however, is. By using Silca System’s patented Silca Grate substructure as a base for your deck or patio, you will save yourself time, money, and a lot of frustration!

Many contractors and amateur DIYers continue to use dirt as a base for new patios. While your dirt foundation initially appears smooth and capable of handling the weight of your patio, it won’t stay that way for long. After enduring rain, cold temperatures, and the weight of people walking on the surface, a dirt base will erode and settle, leaving you with a sinking patio that ruins the appearance of your backyard. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on patio repairs, get help from Silca System! Silca System’s Grates will enable you to transition from a sunken patio to a level patio or an elevated deck with ease.

Homeowners who have used Silca System’s substructure have been extremely pleased with the results. With the Silca Grates as a foundation, homeowners are able to avoid settling and erosion of their patio. This structural strength means you can count on having a patio or deck surface that will remain an excellent walking surface for years to come!

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