Manufactured in the USA

Silca System is manufactured in the USA at Sare Plastics ( in Alliance, Ohio.

Paul and Judy Sare opened the doors of Sare Plastics on March 1, 1982.  On February 14, 2005, Bart and Mary Ann Stuchell purchased the company. At the time of acquisition, the company employed 15-20 people; today, the company employs 45-50 people at its 37,000 square foot facility.

Sare Plastics manufactures a variety of products, including: automotive, aerospace, housewares, construction, and appliances.  In addition, Sare Plastics also offers:

  • Custom Injection Molding
  • Insert Molding
  • Converting Metal to Plastic
  • Final Inspection Services
  • Conveyor Assembly Lines (Contract Assembly)
  • Metal Staking
  • Machine Shop

Silca System® Wood to Stone Decks

1 305
Deck framing is complete and Silca Grates™ are fastened down with deck screws in preparation for the deck overlay.
2 305
2 layers of 3 oz. non-woven geotextile is installed on top of Silca Grate™ providing a sand bed for stone pavers.
Decking project complete! Silca System® provides a structural surface for natural stone and manufactured pavers. New and creative deck designs with Silca System®.
4 305
Silca Grate™ can be easily cut and installed on angles for a more customized elevated deck.
5 305
Silca Grate™ ensure a durable structural surface for a wide variety of pavers eliminating expensive maintenance. Especially at your weekend getaway.
6 305
Eliminate the need for high maintenance products with Silca System®. Spend more time boating and fishing with your family! Outdoor living at it’s best.
7 305
Silca Grates™ are designed for ¾” to 3” pavers.
8 305
Another Silca deck project complete at your favorite lakeside destination!
9 305
Stone deck overlay with Silca System®.
10 305
Silca System® offers the ability to be creative with an almost unlimited variety of stone pavers!
11 305
Silca deck and steps ready for pavers.
12 305
Silca System® on massive deck and roof project.

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silca system stone tile deck testimonial

Silca grates allowed me to do “the impossible”. I didn’t have to worry about future problems and costs because of termites, rotting, or the effects over time of north Texas summer heat and winter freezes. “Grateful” is the appropriate word for how I feel about Silca grates! You made the impossible possible.
Your fan — Shelly Moore 
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“I ordered from Silca about two years ago. We want to add on to the deck. Need 500sf” and “Dave- New York”