Outdoor Living: Beat the Winter Blues – Think Spring While You Plan Your Stone Deck.

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outdoor living outdoor flooring

Each year, as winter and its unrelenting cold drag on, we find ourselves dreaming of spring’s first break and it’s lead into summer. The thoughts of balmy weather, longer days, and cookouts with friends on the patio that last long into the night all keep us going through each snowfall.

While you’re trapped inside these next few months, get a head start on everyone’s favorite seasons! Start planning your new outdoor living space now, and you’re sure to be the first barbeque on the social calendar come spring!

While you’re dreaming up your addition, think beyond the wooden decks attached to your neighbors’ homes. If you’ve been searching for something new, custom and affordable in outdoor flooring, then you need Silca System!

Silca System gives you the ability to build a deck like never before – an elevated stone deck that can withstand the elements, entertain a crowd and even hold a working fireplace. The system lives under the materials of an elevated deck, holding the weight of the stone, brick, or other non-wood substance you choose.

Silca System makes so many outdoor flooring projects possible that contractors who specialize in it fill their appointments fast! Now is the time to plan and reach out – think spring with Silca System and build the deck of your dreams this year!

Locate a Dealer near you or call 330-821-1585 for more information. Silca System 14600 Commerce St. Alliance, OH 44601

Make a Silca System Stone Deck Your New Backyard Masterpiece

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Make a Silca System Stone Deck Your New Backyard Masterpiece Considering a new pool for your home next summer? If so, you’ll need a pool deck to go with it, and Silca System wants to help you create it! Imagine surrounding your pool with beautiful stone pavers artfully placed to create a gorgeous mosaic. Silca System’s patented Silca Grates can help you make that dream a reality. Silca Grates are perfect for pool decks for a number of reasons, such as durability against weather and time and superior strength to hold up a variety of pavers. You see, traditional wood planks don’t hold up against the weather, no matter how many coats of sealant you apply. You also have to consider the effects of not only weather-related moisture, but moisture from the pool. Mildew, rot, and other water damage are an even bigger issue, not to mention the likelihood of accidental slips and falls on slippery wood and painful splinters. With Silca Grates, traditional wood planks are a thing of the past. The world of pavers is open to you. The only limitation is your imagination! Unleash your creativity and design a stone paver pool deck that adds sophistication, fun, and functionality to your outdoor living and recreation area. Make your yard the place to be this summer. Of course, you probably assume that investing in a durable deck will be extremely expensive. Wrong! The cost of Silca Grates is comparable to that of composite decking. Unlike composite decking, however, Silca System requires virtually no maintenance. With Silca System, you will no longer have to invest year after year in resealing your deck. Another perk? Silca System is easy to install, so you don’t have to hire a contractor. With a few basic tools, you can easily install the Silca System subflooring for your pool deck! If you choose to work with a contractor, ask them about Silca System. You may help them discover their new favorite building material. Silca System is not just a better way to build a deck; it’s the best way to build a deck. Whether you are building a brand new deck or remodeling and resurfacing an existing deck, Silca Grates will slide seamlessly into place, adding strength, longevity, and creative potential to your deck. Visit to explore the options available for your deck. You can also call 330-821-1585 for more information or to place an order! Silca System 14600 Commerce St. Alliance, OH 44601

Deck Sub Flooring Increases Home Value

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Deciding on how to best go about increasing your home value is a little bit tricky. While you would assume that any outdoor home improvement would work in your favor when it comes time to sell your house, you may unknowingly end up pouring time and money into a project that won’t last. How, then, do you go about improving the appearance and overall value of your home? For starters, you may want to look into deck flooring options other than wood or composite wood, such as Silca System’s unique hexagonal sub flooring. Silca System has given many homeowners the chance to install stone or brick patios that last much longer than regular wood or composite decking. While deck additions and renovations are highly recommended for those who want to increase their home value, all deck surfaces are not created equal. Consider a traditional wood deck: when you build a wood deck, you can expect to do quite a bit of maintenance over the years. In addition to regularly staining your deck, porch, or patio to keep it in good condition, you will eventually have to replace boards as they suffer wear and tear from the elements. Wood and composite wood decking lose their value over time—not what you’re aiming for when you’re trying to add value to your home. However, installing a stone patio of a brick porch can greatly increase your home value. Having unique deck flooring with help from Silca System can make all the difference in giving your residence more appeal to potential buyers! Silca System’s sub flooring supports heavier materials like stone and brick, giving homeowners the opportunity to use pavers of varying shapes, sizes, and colors. Unlike a traditional wood or composite wood deck that is uniform in construction, you can make your brick porch or stone patio into a beautiful, kaleidoscopic masterpiece that will grab the attention of potential buyers as soon as they see it! Using Silca System’s Grates with travertine, blue stone, or brick pavers for your outdoor home improvement project means your deck flooring will last significantly longer AND maintain its value. These tough materials can stand up to weather and regular use better than wood or composite decking, ensuring that you have an outdoor space you can be proud to show off to guests and potential buyers when the time comes to put your house on the market. Having a truly unique deck crafted with natural, long-lasting products goes a long way in helping to give your home an edge over other houses for sale in your area.

To find out more about Silca System and the possibilities available to you, visit or call 330-821-1585.

Build the Perfect BBQ Deck Pad with Stone Paver Decks

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Build the Perfect BBQ Deck Pad with Stone Paver Decks

The sun is shining. The kids are running around and playing in the yard. After grabbing some burgers for the kids and a nice steak for yourself, you head out to the deck and start the grill. Nothing beats a great grilled dinner, but is it a good idea to have a grill on your wood or composite deck boards?

Not only are both flammable, but moving your grill across the boards is sure to leave a mark over time. But what should you do? The last thing you want is to redo the whole deck, especially if it’s new or in great shape.

What can you do, then? I’ll tell you: You can build a BBQ deck pad with a brick or stone paver surface like the one featured in this blog. Now, I know it sounds impossible to put pavers on a deck, but Silca System has created an innovative deck sub-floor that makes it possible! With Silca System’s revolutionary Silca Grates, you can install a variety of stone or brick pavers on your deck for a low-maintenance, super-sturdy deck surface. Stone Paver Decks create the ultimate BBQ deck pad experience!

When you’re looking to create a BBQ deck pad, a super-sturdy surface is exactly what you want, which is what convinced Missouri contractor Carroll Stewart that Silca System was perfect to create a BBQ deck pad for his client. Once the deck frame was in place, Carroll installed the Silca Grates with 3-1/8 inch torx screws and then laid the brick pavers directly on the Grates. Carroll chose to do a dry lay with the pavers to promote faster draining of water and prevent standing water on the deck which can lead to mold and rot. From framing to finish, it took 3-4 hours to complete the 4 foot by 6 foot BBQ pad with a gorgeous brick paver surface.

The best part of the BBQ pad was the customer’s satisfaction. Not only did they have an elegant BBQ pad unlike any other, but they would be able to BBQ and enjoy their chimney without worrying about damaging their expensive deck boards.

You can transform your deck too! Why wait? Contact us or call 330-821-1585 and get started today!


Take Your Elevated Deck to New Heights with Stone Flooring

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Take Your Elevated Deck to New Heights with Stone Flooring

elevated deck stone flooring Imagine going from sun bleach or discolored wood to a gorgeous elevated deck with high-end travertine, slate or stone flooring.  It’s easier than you think to create a deck with a unique look that is timeless and maintenance free. While home decks, including elevated decks are typically made of wood, there are many new alternatives on the market. Many feel composite decking, for example, is the answer to the warping, fading, and other problems associated with wood deck surfaces.  This can help you avoid or at delay these problems, but you’re still left with a basic plank-like deck surface that has the appearance of wood.  Stone, however, can take your elevated deck to new heights, literally and figuratively. For stone decks, your options are endless. The variety of pavers, brick and stone such as slate, travertine and marble, is astounding.  Even if every house on your block built an elevated deck with stone, chances are that no two decks would look alike. Would you rather have a traditional wood deck or a high-end deck that doesn’t depreciate over time? It’s like having a masterpiece in your own backyard – one worthy of a design magazine.

What’s needed for an elevated deck with stone flooring?

  • A wooden or metal foundation or structure
  • A strong sub flooring, like Silca System® Silca Grates™
  • Geo-textile blanket or landscape fabric (if you use sand between paver joints)
  • Stone pavers of travertine, slate, brick, marble, etc.

How can a deck safely carry the weight of stone?

Stone flooring is obviously heavier, so how do you get a stone deck while maintaining safety and durability? We recommend Silca System® for your deck sub flooring.  These square grates made of high-grade plastic polymer support greater weight loads. They fit a standard decking base and are rated for residential or commercial use. stone deck with brick pavers

Flexible design options

They create a level surface that you can then cover with an enormous variety of pavers in nearly any shape or size. Rounded edges? No problem, the grates can be cut to size. Have a multi-level deck or a staircase to the lower level? They can be used as under layment for stairs, gazebos and patios as well. Best of all, a deck or elevated deck with stone flooring is virtually maintenance free. Your brick pavers or stone pavers will not have to be resealed year after year, nor will they lose their color. This kind of decking material or sub flooring may sound expensive, but it’s not.  In fact, for about the same cost as composite decking materials, you can buy Silca System® sub flooring and pavers. A strong sub flooring like Silca grates™ open up a world of possibilities for elevated decks with stone in any location. They’re easy enough to use for the do-it-yourselfer as well as the professional contractor. They’re also made in the U.S.A. Visit the Silca System® website for information on elevated decks and photos of stone decks.  

A Deck Above the Rest

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A Deck Above the Rest

It’s a hot summer day. You’re sitting in your favorite lawn chair, the one with the nice beer holders; your wife is laying on a faded beach towel, romance novel in hand; the kids are playing in the “pool”—a five foot inflatable circle that holds water. It’d be great to dangle your feet in the cool, refreshing water, but that would mean kicking one of the kids out. So you settle for your sun-warmed beer and dream of the perfect pool deck.

You can see it in your mind: an in-ground pool with clear, glistening water surrounded by a gorgeous stone deck. The deck is wide enough to finally get that new lounge chair your wife has always wanted, the one with the sun shade and cup holder.

The kids can get actual pool toys to play with (foam noodles, splash bombs, diving rings) and store them in a container on the side of the deck. Behind the pool is your domain: a stone bar and grill area with a flat screen TV and beer cooler. That sun-warmed beer will never happen again!

Eric and his family had a similar dream for an in-ground pool. There was just one problem: the eastern Pennsylvania community they lived in didn’t have access to public sewer and water. Instead, their backyard was consumed by a sand mound septic system, effectively preventing them from being able to dig into the ground for an in-ground pool.

Eric and his wife Gen tossed around the idea of an above ground pool, probably with a wooden deck. Unfortunately, neither of them liked the look of an above ground pool. It seemed like such an eyesore. After much debate, they decided an above ground pool could look good if they put a stone paver deck around it rather than a wood deck.

Having previously installed decks, Eric wanted an out-of-the-box alternative to a wood deck. Wood decks required too much maintenance, were prone to have nails sticking up to trip over, and generally became hot to walk on during the summer. Friends, neighbors, and coworkers told Eric he would never find a decking system that would allow him to install a stone paver deck around his above ground pool, but Eric was determined. He began researching decking systems on the internet. Thanks to Google, Eric found Silca System: the answer to his problem!

Silca System made it possible for Eric to install stone pavers because of their hexagon honeycomb design. Just as honeybees rely on hexagons for strength when building their hives, Silca Grate™ uses the same naturally-designed hexagon technology to create a super-strong substructure suitable for elevated decks and patios, as well as ground applications. Silca Grate™ grids, measuring 16×18” (2 square feet), are composed of durable 1 1/2” thick engineered polymer and are so strong that Silca Grate™ meets or exceeds residential and commercial building codes.

After reading about Silca System and what it could do for him, Eric contacted Silca System and then began his new pool and deck. Start to finish, the project took about 2 months to complete, working on the weekends. Building the substructure for the deck took about 3 weekends, cutting and installing Silca System about 1, and cutting and installing the stone pavers about 4 with Eric, Gen, and a friend working together. According to Eric, the most time consuming part was cutting everything to fit a round pool. “All said and done, it was a relatively easy installation.”

The pool itself is 33 feet wide, so their deck was no small deal! Especially since Eric’s number one pet peeve about pool decks is that “people build too small. It’s their number one mistake. No one wants to hang out around a pool if there isn’t enough room to be comfortable and relax.” In order to make their pool and deck as accommodating as possible, Eric built two staircases (one going left, the other right) leading to a 5 foot deck on either side of the pool. Off the back of the pool is a 20 foot area with a bar and grill, flat screen TV, and sitting area.

If Silca System was able to make Eric and hisfamily’s dream become a reality with an elevated deck that can stand the test of time, is great for the kids, and has virtually no maintenance, just think what Silca System can do for you, whether you’re building a new elevated deck, raised deck, or patio or transforming a wood deck to a stone deck. Contact us today and start making your dream deck a reality!

Silca System 330-821-1585

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The Benefits of Building the Deck of Your Dreams

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Many new homes in the Denver, Colorado area are being built with raised decks that give homeowners a beautiful view of the mountains. Not only does an elevated deck allow residents to enjoy the majestic landscape around them, but also increases the value of the house itself. However, the wrong kind of deck could prove disastrous when faced with Colorado’s inclement weather so many homeowners have opted to use Silca System on their deck instead of traditional wood deck boards. Thanks to Silca System’s revolutionary deck subfloor, homeowners can build their own unique deck using stone pieces or pavers. Whether your home is lacking a deck or you want to resurface your existing deck, Silca System will start you on the path to getting the deck you deserve. Denver is a truly eye-catching city, but susceptible to fluctuating weather conditions due to the high mountains and open spaces. It’s not unusual for the area to experience hard rain and an abundance of snow. Such weather conditions are particularly damaging to wood decks because excessive moisture can wreak havoc on wood, causing cracks and mold growth. Building a deck with a stone surface, however, ensures that your deck is able to withstand the harsh weather. With Silca System’s user-friendly deck subfloor attached to your deck joists, you will have more surface options than with a basic wooden frame. The deck subfloor is capable of handling the weight of heavy pavers and stone pieces, so you can design your raised deck surface using whatever materials you want to give your outdoor space the ambiance you desire. The possibilities are truly endless when deck stones or deck pavers enter the deck equation with Silca System. However, there’s an even greater advantage to applying Silca System’s deck subfloor for your raised patio project—saving money. Building a raised deck or building elevated deck area for your home can significantly cut down costs, especially if you do the work yourself. And Silca System can show you just how it’s done! Many Denver area residents would feel a little apprehensive about taking on such a task. Fortunately, Silca System’s user-friendly Silca Grates™ can turn even the most inexperienced individual into a deck-building expert. Armed with only Silca System’s deck support product, deck stones or deck pavers, a tough drill, and an electric saw, homeowners across the country have built their very own elevated decks. Since the Silca Grates™ are made for easy application, Do-It-Yourselfers merely need to attach the Grates to the wooden joists of the deck frame. If the grates don’t fit neatly, homeowners can cut them to size—a task that can be easily accomplished with a standard electric saw. With all of the money you’re saving by not hiring a contractor, you can be much more creative with your deck surface! For instance, you can purchase beautiful deck stones, bricks, or deck pavers made from travertine instead of relying on composite decking. Not only will such deck surfacing materials provide your elevated deck with a more attractive appearance, but they will also help you save on maintenance costs since they are better able to withstand heavy rain and snow! An elevated deck provides a great place to entertain, relax, and cook outdoors, so why wouldn’t you want it to be as attractive as it is functional? By using Silca System to complete your raised porch project, you will be able to save more on home improvement costs while still getting the outdoor space of your dreams. If you have questions, want more information, or would like to place an order, call 330-821-1585. Silca System 14600 Commerce Street Alliance, OH 44601 330-821-1585

Go Green with Recycled Pavers for Your Deck

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Do you find yourself seeking opportunities to reuse old materials in new or unique ways? If so, you’re not alone. As the green initiative is growing in popularity, people across the U.S. are doing their part to conserve energy, save water, use household items in new ways, and reduce their carbon footprint. However, many people don’t realize the same ideas can be applied to home improvement.

Instead of rebuilding your deck with wooden deck boards that contribute to the loss of trees, why not try something new? Silca System’s revolutionary Silca Grate is manufactured from 100% recycled materials. This eco-friendly deck subflooring provides a sturdy foundation for your new deck at no cost to the environment! For some, this might be enough, but you can take it a step further by using recycled pavers for your deck surface, giving you the perfect, environmentally-friendly deck!

The project above shows how Silca System can give an ordinary deck a brand new look. After receiving their Grates, the homeowners began working on their new outdoor area. The subfloor grates, which are easy to fit together, create a flat surface to support the weight of recycled pavers. Once the Grates were installed and the landscaping blanket rolled on top, it was time to install the deck surface. The homeowners chose to use a variety of stone slabs created from salvaged granite that would have otherwise been in a landfill. The individual granite pieces came together to form an elegant surface unlike any other.

These homeowners chose to use recycled granite, but there are other types of recycled pavers available for you to use, such a rubber pavers. Rubber pavers are made from tires and plastic bottles and are very versatile, offering a unique look for any deck. Plus, they are less slippery in wet conditions and a softer surface to walk on. With rubber pavers, your deck will be safer and more attractive, and you’ll be helping the environment!

To start planning your eco-friendly deck, visit or call 330-821-1585.

Silca System
14600 Commerce Street
Alliance, OH 44601

Raising the Bar on Elevated Decks

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Silca System is changing the face of the decking industry one deck at a time. With Silca System, your bored, wooden deck will be transformed into a work of art.

So, what is Silca System and how can it do all that? Silca System is a structural grate that fits between the floor joists of your deck. The grates are easy to cut and can be made to fit any size deck, whether perfectly square or full of angles and curves. Silca System’s grates are designed for structural stability and allow you deck to hold greater weight than a traditional deck because Silca System creates an even surface when attached to the framing. Once you add your deck surface, you will have a slightly raised or elevated deck.

Silca System allows you to choose from an almost endless array of natural stone and brick pavers, which means you have infinite creative prospects at your disposal. And the subflooring easily withstands temperature and weather changes without damage. The investment you make in your deck will be just as beautiful many years in the future WITHOUT decreasing the value of your home with costly maintenance. Unlike a traditional wood deck, Silca System will not rot, warp, or let you down. It’s true that some stones will fade a bit over time, but they hold their shape, will not become infested with mildew or mold, and they will never require repeated staining and sealing.

Silca System is easy enough to work with that do-it-yourself homeowners can use it, but it also has numerous applications for contractors, landscape architects, and other professionals. An added bonus: Silca System is 100% American-made. Silca System, manufactured in Alliance, Ohio, is shipped all over the country.

If an elevated deck that requires virtually no maintenance, increases your home value and doesn’t depreciate over time, and showcases your unique and original style is something you’d like to know more about, call Silca System at 330-821-1585 or visit .

Silca System 14600 Commerce Street Alliance, OH 44601 330-821-1585

Paving the Way for Deck and Balcony Fireplaces

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Some people embrace the summer heat and look forward to warm evenings on their wood decks and balconies. However, the heat isn’t a welcome friend for some who are already looking ahead to cool, autumn evening on their decks, enjoying an ocean or mountain breeze or even the wind rustling through the trees. What could possibly make such an evening better? How about the warm, enchanting flames of a deck fireplace? Of course, that’s impossible, though, right? No one wants to risk their wood or composite wood deck going up in smoke! Silca System has the solution: With Silca System’s deck subfloor and stone or brick pavers, you can comfortably and safely enjoy cool evening with your own deck or balcony fireplace!

No matter where you live, Silca System is available to you. Manufactured in Northeast Ohio, Silca System is shipped all over the country. And, while it may not look it, Silca System is environmentally friendly and made from 100% recycled materials!

Silca system can be used as the subfloor for a variety of different decks, patios, and balconies from rooftop pool decks to elevated backyard patios or sturdy stone paver balconies. The strength and durability of Silca Grate enables you to create virtually maintenance free decks and balconies while opening a world of possibilities that traditional wood decks would never support. Silca System’s motto is “Why be limited?” and they are proving time and again that your options with Silca Grate are only as limited as you make them.

With a deck fireplace, you’ll have more than just a spot for backyard barbeques. Not only can you create an extension of your home, but you can have an outdoor living area that lends itself to entertaining guests and also to quiet evenings by the fire, escaping from daily stressors. No matter whether you want your deck fireplace to be a gathering place for friends and family or a special spot just for you and a good book, Silca System will help you make your dream a reality.

You don’t have to build your deck or balcony from scratch. If you’re tired of replacing, repairing, and resealing your wood deck boards year after year, make the switch to Silca System! The patented Silca Grates are made to it standard floor joists. Even though the Grates are incredibly strong and durable, they are easy to cut, shape, and trim. The cost for such a product must be high, right? It’s not! In fact, Silca Gate and pavers combined are comparable to the price of composite decking. Your finished project will look like a million bucks without costing nearly that!

To see some of the beautiful decks, patios, and deck fireplaces that Silca System has made possible, check out Silca System’s photo gallery or view the photos on Facebook . For more information about Silca System or to place an order, visit or call 330-821-1585.

Silca System 14600 Commerce Street Alliance, OH 44601 330-821-1585

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