Take Your Elevated Deck to New Heights with Stone Flooring

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Take Your Elevated Deck to New Heights with Stone Flooring

elevated deck stone flooring

Imagine going from sun bleach or discolored wood to a gorgeous elevated deck with high-end travertine, slate or stone flooring.  It’s easier than you think to create a deck with a unique look that is timeless and maintenance free.

While home decks, including elevated decks are typically made of wood, there are many new alternatives on the market. Many feel composite decking, for example, is the answer to the warping, fading, and other problems associated with wood deck surfaces.  This can help you avoid or at delay these problems, but you’re still left with a basic plank-like deck surface that has the appearance of wood.  Stone, however, can take your elevated deck to new heights, literally and figuratively.

For stone decks, your options are endless. The variety of pavers, brick and stone such as slate, travertine and marble, is astounding.  Even if every house on your block built an elevated deck with stone, chances are that no two decks would look alike.

Would you rather have a traditional wood deck or a high-end deck that doesn’t depreciate over time? It’s like having a masterpiece in your own backyard – one worthy of a design magazine.

What’s needed for an elevated deck with stone flooring?

  • A wooden or metal foundation or structure
  • A strong sub flooring, like Silca System® Silca Grates™
  • Geo-textile blanket or landscape fabric (if you use sand between paver joints)
  • Stone pavers of travertine, slate, brick, marble, etc.

How can a deck safely carry the weight of stone?

Stone flooring is obviously heavier, so how do you get a stone deck while maintaining safety and durability? We recommend Silca System® for your deck sub flooring.  These square grates made of high-grade plastic polymer support greater weight loads. They fit a standard decking base and are rated for residential or commercial use.

stone deck with brick pavers

Flexible design options

They create a level surface that you can then cover with an enormous variety of pavers in nearly any shape or size. Rounded edges? No problem, the grates can be cut to size. Have a multi-level deck or a staircase to the lower level? They can be used as under layment for stairs, gazebos and patios as well.

Best of all, a deck or elevated deck with stone flooring is virtually maintenance free. Your brick pavers or stone pavers will not have to be resealed year after year, nor will they lose their color.

This kind of decking material or sub flooring may sound expensive, but it’s not.  In fact, for about the same cost as composite decking materials, you can buy Silca System® sub flooring and pavers.

A strong sub flooring like Silca grates™ open up a world of possibilities for elevated decks with stone in any location. They’re easy enough to use for the do-it-yourselfer as well as the professional contractor. They’re also made in the U.S.A.

Visit the Silca System® website for information on elevated decks and photos of stone decks.


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