Raising the Bar on Elevated Decks

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Silca System is changing the face of the decking industry one deck at a time. With Silca System, your bored, wooden deck will be transformed into a work of art.

So, what is Silca System and how can it do all that? Silca System is a structural grate that fits between the floor joists of your deck. The grates are easy to cut and can be made to fit any size deck, whether perfectly square or full of angles and curves. Silca System’s grates are designed for structural stability and allow you deck to hold greater weight than a traditional deck because Silca System creates an even surface when attached to the framing. Once you add your deck surface, you will have a slightly raised or elevated deck.

Silca System allows you to choose from an almost endless array of natural stone and brick pavers, which means you have infinite creative prospects at your disposal. And the subflooring easily withstands temperature and weather changes without damage. The investment you make in your deck will be just as beautiful many years in the future WITHOUT decreasing the value of your home with costly maintenance. Unlike a traditional wood deck, Silca System will not rot, warp, or let you down. It’s true that some stones will fade a bit over time, but they hold their shape, will not become infested with mildew or mold, and they will never require repeated staining and sealing.

Silca System is easy enough to work with that do-it-yourself homeowners can use it, but it also has numerous applications for contractors, landscape architects, and other professionals. An added bonus: Silca System is 100% American-made. Silca System, manufactured in Alliance, Ohio, is shipped all over the country.

If an elevated deck that requires virtually no maintenance, increases your home value and doesn’t depreciate over time, and showcases your unique and original style is something you’d like to know more about, call Silca System at 330-821-1585 or visit

Silca System
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