And the Winner Is…

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And the Winner Is…

We are extremely pleased with the new deck. We love the look and feel of stone, and the low maintenance of a stone deck makes a very compelling case for your product. We will be recommending it to anyone who expresses an interest.

I really liked how easy it was to sweep this fall [2013], but now I am appreciating how much easier it is to shovel the snow off so that we can grill!

What decking product has these homeowners so excited? Silca System. Numerous American wood decks have been transformed into low-maintenance stone decks with Silca System. The Smith’s deck, winner of the 2013 Silca System Best Deck Contest, is one of these transformed decks.

As with most decks, weather takes its toll. When you live in northeastern Ohio where wet springs, hot summers, beautiful falls, and cold, snowy winters are common, a treated lumber deck ends up requiring a significant amount of time and money for proper maintenance. Like the Smiths, most people do not look forward to spending a couple hundred dollars and a weekend of time to power-wash, re-stain, and seal their deck every year because, as Jim Smith noted about their deck, “even with regular maintenance, the old decking showed its age (e.g. warped and splintered boards, discoloration). It was aggravating to continue to spend time and money on a deck that was not appealing, even immediately after the regular maintenance.”

But what other option was there? Composite deck boards would still show wear and tear and require routine maintenance. Jim’s brother suggested Silca System. Since he had nothing to lose, Jim looked into it. The idea behind Silca System was to enable homeowners to extend the look, feel, and low-maintenance of stone onto an elevated deck. Because the Silca System grids are designed to meet, if not exceed, residential and commercial building code requirements, the Smiths would have numerous decking surface options to choose from, including granite, travertine, natural stone, or even brick pavers. Jim was sold on the idea. Their weather-worn, treated lumber deck would be transformed into a beautiful, low-maintenance travertine deck.

Jim remodeled the deck himself over a period of two months, working weekends and some evenings. The hardest and least enjoyable part of the project came first—“ripping off the old planking.” Once the old planking was gone though, the new deck began to take shape. The Silca System grid requires no special tools to be cut, making it easy to work with on a deck project. To top it off, there are pre-drilled holes in the grid to make fastening the grid to deck joists easy. With his Silca grids in place, Jim moved on to laying pavers, which “was actually enjoyable—lots of visible progress fast. The worst part about working with the pavers was cutting them to fit around the deck edges.”

But once the pavers were firmly in place, the Smiths had a beautiful travertine deck that would give them more time to enjoy the beauty around them and require less time to maintain. All said and done, their favorite part of the new deck “is a toss-up between the rich look of the stone, the warmth and smoothness of the surface on bare feet, and the ease of sweeping it off compared to the splinters and cracks that grab the broom and hold the dirt on a wood deck.” It doesn’t hurt that friends and family love the Smith’s new deck too!

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