Out with the Old, In with the New

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Out with the Old, In with the New

Shelly M. made a deal with her mom: If her mother would replace the dilapidated wood siding on her house with plastic siding, then Shelly would build her a new front porch. Her mom agreed. Shelly just needed to figure out the logistics, and therein was the problem. You see, Shelly lives in California and her mom lives in Texas, and Shelly only had seven days to build the porch…by herself. What had she gotten herself into?

A couple of days before she was to arrive in Texas, Shelly was searching the internet for a way to make this project possible.

Her biggest fear was that she had taken on a project that would end up as an eyesore. Much to her relief, Shelly found the Silca System website in her search. “My panic was replaced by planning, calculating, envisioning….’If the Silcas work the way I hope they will…’ [became] an element of every decision.”

Instead of trying to build a wood porch by herself, Silca System would enable Shelly to install a brick paver porch. For Shelly, this was a relief! “Finding even two planks that are straight, not bowed, is hard-to-do; finding enough for a small deck could take a full day of driving all over north Texas. Now…the only wood needed for the porch would be for the joist beams. That alone would buy me an enormous amount of time!…With Silca grates, I didn’t have to worry about future problems and costs because of termites, rotting, or the effects over time of north Texas summer heat and winter freezes.”

As Shelly found out during her research, Silca System offered many great benefits that a wood deck would not. The ease of installation was definitely a huge perk for her. She would, if everything went as planned, be able to completely redo her mom’s porch by herself. That meant her mom’s porch wouldn’t be an eyesore, which was a relief! It would be easy for her mom to care for the finished porch.

Before she knew it, Shelly was on a plane to Texas. Since the Silca Grates were being shipped directly to her mom’s house, Shelly was able to spend Day 1 measuring and shopping for the frame lumber and brick pavers. Day 2 brought rain. The Silca Grates arrived on Day 3. By the end of that day, Shelly had the joist foundation built and the Silca Grates installed. Days 4 through 7 were spent building the railings and laying the brick pavers. “At the end of Day 7, I was on a plane feeling very productive, and my Mom was sitting in a rocker on her new porch.”

The only issue with installation that Shelly noticed was the “male curiosity factor.” In short, men were curious about how a girl could install a deck all by herself. “[They] would drive past, slow down, back up, park, and walk over to see what I was doing….None of the guys had ever seen Silca Grates, and everyone had questions….Normally, I would have enjoyed this, but not on a tight deadline.”

While Silca System cannot help with the male curiosity factor, we can help you transform your deck. Visit our website of contact us today to see how we can help you!

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