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If you’re thinking about renovating your outdoor space, it’s extremely helpful to have a resource that provides deck design ideas, remodeling photos, building instructions, and more. When you have a one-stop source for information, it’s much easier to ensure you have everything necessary for your project to go smoothly. Silca System’s website is designed not only to enable you to learn about their easy-to-use deck subfloor, but to provide you with testimonials and pictures of decks from customers who have had fantastic results with the revolutionary Silca Grates.

Silca System’s comprehensive website covers everything there is to know about their patented Silca Grate deck subfloor and how it can be used in a variety of ways. From the strength of the grates to their versatility, you can learn all about how this product can drastically change your outdoor space for the better. Along with easy to understand charts and videos that explain how Silca System’s deck subfloor works, they also offer information to homeowners that can completely transform the outdoor experience—from deck building instructions to creative design ideas.

Silca System posts deck remodeling photos and testimonials on their website so that you, DIY homeowners, and contractors can see the options available with Silca System. By taking a look at the photo gallery, you can see how other homeowners have converted their roof surfaces, wooden patios, pool decks, bridges, stairs, and other outdoor areas into attractive and hassle-free surfaces. Combining Silca Grates with brick, rubber, travertine, or granite pavers has enabled homeowners to turn their unsightly or deteriorating outoodr living areas into spaces they are proud of and that increase home value.

After seeing the photos and testimonials on Silca System’s website, you’ll want to start brainstorming your own deck design ideas. Whether you like one customer’s home so much that you want to recreate their deck on your home or you’re inspired by reading their story, Silca System supplies the deck subfloor and installation instructions necessary to complete your project.

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