Go Green with Recycled Pavers for Your Deck

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Do you find yourself seeking opportunities to reuse old materials in new or unique ways? If so, you’re not alone. As the green initiative is growing in popularity, people across the U.S. are doing their part to conserve energy, save water, use household items in new ways, and reduce their carbon footprint. However, many people don’t realize the same ideas can be applied to home improvement.

Instead of rebuilding your deck with wooden deck boards that contribute to the loss of trees, why not try something new? Silca System’s revolutionary Silca Grate is manufactured from 100% recycled materials. This eco-friendly deck subflooring provides a sturdy foundation for your new deck at no cost to the environment! For some, this might be enough, but you can take it a step further by using recycled pavers for your deck surface, giving you the perfect, environmentally-friendly deck!

The project above shows how Silca System can give an ordinary deck a brand new look. After receiving their Grates, the homeowners began working on their new outdoor area. The subfloor grates, which are easy to fit together, create a flat surface to support the weight of recycled pavers. Once the Grates were installed and the landscaping blanket rolled on top, it was time to install the deck surface. The homeowners chose to use a variety of stone slabs created from salvaged granite that would have otherwise been in a landfill. The individual granite pieces came together to form an elegant surface unlike any other.

These homeowners chose to use recycled granite, but there are other types of recycled pavers available for you to use, such a rubber pavers. Rubber pavers are made from tires and plastic bottles and are very versatile, offering a unique look for any deck. Plus, they are less slippery in wet conditions and a softer surface to walk on. With rubber pavers, your deck will be safer and more attractive, and you’ll be helping the environment!

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