Get the Veranda You’ve Always Dreamed of with Silca System

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If you’re a homeowner with acres of land at your disposal, chances are that you put them to good use. Whether you use your fields to grow crops or to graze livestock, you undoubtedly take great pride in your work. It only makes sense then that you have a charming farmhouse porch that allows you to look out over your livelihood every day! With the revolutionary Silca Grate from Silca System, not only can you get the subflooring necessary for your ideal veranda, but you can also convert your wooden porch into a stone porch! Silca System is the perfect product for those who enjoy working with their hands and will enable you to complete the wrap-around porch you’ve always imagined but never thought was possible.

Silca System is unique because it lays the base for floor surfaces that go beyond wooden planks. Regular wooden boards will rot and warp, but stone, brick, or rubber pavers won’t! Silca Grate is strong enough to hold any of these materials. Can you imagine sitting on your rustic, brick-covered veranda, enjoying a cold glass of lemonade, and taking in the view of the countryside? Sounds wonderful, right? With Silca System, this vision can become a reality!

Need more reasons to love Silca System?

  • Versatility
  • Easy-to-use
  • Countless Style Options
  • Perfect for DIY projects
  • Super strong

Take the first step in building your wrap around porch. Once the frame is built, all you need is Silca Grate and your pavers to complete your charming veranda! Let Silca System help you transform your outdoor space. Whether you are looking to build a veranda or a deck, Silca System is the answer. Call 330-821-1585 or visit today!

Check out the Silca System photo gallery for inspiration!

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