Eliminating Ants from Your Home and Deck

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It’s summer, a time for fun, family, and food. Unfortunately, food can also lead to ants. Eliminating ants with toxic traps or poisons can become time consuming, replacing trap after trap, and frustrating. Exterminators can be pricey and inconvenient. So, why not solve the problem yourself…for good?

The Mixture

Buy some borix acid powder at the local pharamacy or hardware store. Mix a VERY small amount with table sugar (50:50 ratio) in a pop or milk cap. Add just enough water to make a thick liquid in the cap.

Killing the Ants

Take the cap mixture and set it in the path of your ants. DO NOT kill any of the ants yourself. Boric acid is extremely toxic to ants, but it doesn’t not kill them instantaneously. Instead, the worker ants will take the mixture back to the colony to share, wiping out the entire colony. It may take a day or two, so be patient.


Even though boric acid is ranked very low on the toxicity scale, it should never be ingested. Keep children and pets away from it.

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