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A Deck Above the Rest

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A Deck Above the Rest

It’s a hot summer day. You’re sitting in your favorite lawn chair, the one with the nice beer holders; your wife is laying on a faded beach towel, romance novel in hand; the kids are playing in the “pool”—a five foot inflatable circle that holds water. It’d be great to dangle your feet in the cool, refreshing water, but that would mean kicking one of the kids out. So you settle for your sun-warmed beer and dream of the perfect pool deck.

You can see it in your mind: an in-ground pool with clear, glistening water surrounded by a gorgeous stone deck. The deck is wide enough to finally get that new lounge chair your wife has always wanted, the one with the sun shade and cup holder.

The kids can get actual pool toys to play with (foam noodles, splash bombs, diving rings) and store them in a container on the side of the deck. Behind the pool is your domain: a stone bar and grill area with a flat screen TV and beer cooler. That sun-warmed beer will never happen again!

Eric and his family had a similar dream for an in-ground pool. There was just one problem: the eastern Pennsylvania community they lived in didn’t have access to public sewer and water. Instead, their backyard was consumed by a sand mound septic system, effectively preventing them from being able to dig into the ground for an in-ground pool.

Eric and his wife Gen tossed around the idea of an above ground pool, probably with a wooden deck. Unfortunately, neither of them liked the look of an above ground pool. It seemed like such an eyesore. After much debate, they decided an above ground pool could look good if they put a stone paver deck around it rather than a wood deck.

Having previously installed decks, Eric wanted an out-of-the-box alternative to a wood deck. Wood decks required too much maintenance, were prone to have nails sticking up to trip over, and generally became hot to walk on during the summer. Friends, neighbors, and coworkers told Eric he would never find a decking system that would allow him to install a stone paver deck around his above ground pool, but Eric was determined. He began researching decking systems on the internet. Thanks to Google, Eric found Silca System: the answer to his problem!

Silca System made it possible for Eric to install stone pavers because of their hexagon honeycomb design. Just as honeybees rely on hexagons for strength when building their hives, Silca Grate™ uses the same naturally-designed hexagon technology to create a super-strong substructure suitable for elevated decks and patios, as well as ground applications. Silca Grate™ grids, measuring 16×18” (2 square feet), are composed of durable 1 1/2” thick engineered polymer and are so strong that Silca Grate™ meets or exceeds residential and commercial building codes.

After reading about Silca System and what it could do for him, Eric contacted Silca System and then began his new pool and deck. Start to finish, the project took about 2 months to complete, working on the weekends. Building the substructure for the deck took about 3 weekends, cutting and installing Silca System about 1, and cutting and installing the stone pavers about 4 with Eric, Gen, and a friend working together. According to Eric, the most time consuming part was cutting everything to fit a round pool. “All said and done, it was a relatively easy installation.”

The pool itself is 33 feet wide, so their deck was no small deal! Especially since Eric’s number one pet peeve about pool decks is that “people build too small. It’s their number one mistake. No one wants to hang out around a pool if there isn’t enough room to be comfortable and relax.” In order to make their pool and deck as accommodating as possible, Eric built two staircases (one going left, the other right) leading to a 5 foot deck on either side of the pool. Off the back of the pool is a 20 foot area with a bar and grill, flat screen TV, and sitting area.

If Silca System was able to make Eric and hisfamily’s dream become a reality with an elevated deck that can stand the test of time, is great for the kids, and has virtually no maintenance, just think what Silca System can do for you, whether you’re building a new elevated deck, raised deck, or patio or transforming a wood deck to a stone deck. Contact us today and start making your dream deck a reality!

Silca System 330-821-1585

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Go Green with Recycled Pavers for Your Deck

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Do you find yourself seeking opportunities to reuse old materials in new or unique ways? If so, you’re not alone. As the green initiative is growing in popularity, people across the U.S. are doing their part to conserve energy, save water, use household items in new ways, and reduce their carbon footprint. However, many people don’t realize the same ideas can be applied to home improvement.

Instead of rebuilding your deck with wooden deck boards that contribute to the loss of trees, why not try something new? Silca System’s revolutionary Silca Grate is manufactured from 100% recycled materials. This eco-friendly deck subflooring provides a sturdy foundation for your new deck at no cost to the environment! For some, this might be enough, but you can take it a step further by using recycled pavers for your deck surface, giving you the perfect, environmentally-friendly deck!

The project above shows how Silca System can give an ordinary deck a brand new look. After receiving their Grates, the homeowners began working on their new outdoor area. The subfloor grates, which are easy to fit together, create a flat surface to support the weight of recycled pavers. Once the Grates were installed and the landscaping blanket rolled on top, it was time to install the deck surface. The homeowners chose to use a variety of stone slabs created from salvaged granite that would have otherwise been in a landfill. The individual granite pieces came together to form an elegant surface unlike any other.

These homeowners chose to use recycled granite, but there are other types of recycled pavers available for you to use, such a rubber pavers. Rubber pavers are made from tires and plastic bottles and are very versatile, offering a unique look for any deck. Plus, they are less slippery in wet conditions and a softer surface to walk on. With rubber pavers, your deck will be safer and more attractive, and you’ll be helping the environment!

To start planning your eco-friendly deck, visit or call 330-821-1585.

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Easy-to-Install Silca Grates Make Porch Renovation Simple

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It’s early evening. You’ve just brewed a nice cup of coffee and want to curl up on a comfy seat outside to take in the scenery and perhaps even watch the sun set. But you curl up on the couch instead. What’s stopping you from enjoying the outdoors? Perhaps your outdoor space isn’t quite ike the one in your imagination. You can’t bask in the beauty of your surroundings if the planks under your feet are rotten and unsightly. A sagging, peeling porch is not the first thing you want people to notice about your house. Fortunately, there’s a way to get the porch of your dreams AND increase the value of your home.

With Silca System’s easy-to-install subflooring, porch renovation has never been easier or less expensive! Manufactured in Northeast Ohio, Silca System ships its revolutionary Silca Grates all over the United States and Canada. No matter where you live, you can get the outdoor area you want. Silca System will lay the base for your brand new porch.

Whether you want to have a casual look or an elegant porch, the options for your porch surface are numerous. If you’re looking to go with the “easy to install” theme, look into brick pavers, which come in a variety of shades, shapes, and styles. They can be used to create a unique elevated surface with an attractive finish. The pavers can be found at many local home improvement stores as well as landscapers and nurseries. The pieces are very easy to fit together when combined with Silca System and will give your outdoor space a slightly rustic but orderly look.

If you’re imagining an idyllic outdoor space with a more creative feel, check into stone pavers. Silca System’s subflooring is strong enough to hold a layer of natural stone, slate, or whatever material you choose! Using stone pavers for your porch renovation can give the outside area of your home a brand new look and increase your home’s value. A front porch allows you to share your creativity with friends, family, neighbors, and those passing by. In fact, as you’re settled on your porch swing or relaxing in a rocker, don’t be surprised if people approach to ask exactly how you did it.

Are you ready to start your porch renovation? Visit to learn more about the easy-to-install subflooring. While you’re there, check out the photo gallery to see how other customers have transformed their outdoor spaces.

If you have questions or want to place an order, call 330-821-1585. Your dream porch is closer than you think!

Silca System 14600 Commerce Street Alliance, OH 44601 330-821-1585

Build a Low-Maintenance Deck for Your Home

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We all want our homes to look their best. However, we also search for the most convenient and hassle-free solutions to our home improvement woes. For example, a low maintenance deck can save you a significant amount of time, money, and stress. But how do you build a low maintenance deck? Traditional deck boards rot and warp overtime and require a large amount of time and maintenance. Composite decking will show wear and fade over time. Silca System has the solution! Silca System’s deck subfloor and brick, travertine, marble, or granite pavers not only make adding a deck simple, but are extremely low maintenance. Read on to find out what Silca System is capable of.

One of the major benefits to using deck materials from Silca System is the level of strength and support you receive from their structural grate. The hexagonal deck subfloor is made from thick, engineered polymer that provides support every two inches. This enables homeowners to create a brick, travertine, or granite deck without worrying that the deck won’t be able to withstand the heavy weight of stone pieces or pavers.

The key to build a low maintenance deck lies in its structure. With regular lumber for your deck surface, you can expect to spend a lot of time and money to retain its appearance. Otherwise, you’re left with a faded, weather-damaged deck that’s unpleasant to look at and can be dangerous to walk on. The same issues occur when you build a stone deck on the ground or use a sand base. Over time, you’ll find that your previously level deck has become a sunken patio in need of repair. No one wants to constantly spend time and money to fix their outdoor space, so why not opt to create a unique paver deck with Silca System’s subfloor?

To learn more about Silca System and how the company can help you create a low maintenance deck with their revolutionary deck material and strong pavers, visit

The comprehensive website gives homeowners the opportunity to see finished Silca System decks and find ideas for their own homes. If you have any questions about Silca System or would like to place an order, call 330-821-1585.

Silca System 14600 Commerce St. Alliance, OH 44601 330-821-1585

Install an Outdoor Fireplace on an Elevated Deck with Silca System

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Install an Outdoor Fireplace on an Elevated Deck with Silca System

Over the years, manufacturers have introduced a wide variety of outdoor furnishings and decking alternatives, allowing homeowners to transform their backyards into outdoor living rooms. Decks and patios are no longer plain, wooden platforms on which to set up chairs and tables. Instead, they are often cozy, fully-furnished spaces where homeowners can enjoy spending time with friends and family. Today’s homeowners have more options than ever before, especially when building a deck with Silca System.

By utilizing the strong, durable Silca System deck subfloor, homeowners are able to create more dynamic decks than ever, such as brick pool decks, travertine hot tub deck surfaces, and even outdoor fireplaces built on stone decking aprons.

While there have been a number of new home improvement products created over the last several years, few are so innovative as Silca System’s decking alternative. The revolutionary deck material has opened so many doors in terms of what homeowners can do with their outdoor spaces. Rather than working around the constraints of a wooden deck, homeowners are opting to use Silca System’s Silca Grates to construct attractive, long-lasting decks made from brick, stone, rubber pavers, and more.

Silca Grates and pavers can help create a more attractive and functional swimming pool deck or a sturdy hot tube deck surface. Not only will homeowners no longer have to worry about mold growth and splinters from a wood deck, they can also feel safer knowing the surface around their pool or under their hot tub is built to last. The amount of creative freedom homeowners have with Silca System is refreshing.

Now, your options aren’t limited to pool decks or hot tub deck surfaces. Silca System’s alternative deck material can also be used for outdoor fireplaces with stone decking aprons. A wooden deck is unable to handle the weight and heat of a fireplace, so installing a stone surface allows homeowners to enjoy the warmth and appearance of a crackling fire on chilly evening.

Creating a deck with Silca Grates and pavers give YOU limitless options in regards to your backyard, so why not take a moment to see what else is possible with Silca System?

Visit or call 330-821-1585.

Silca System 14600 Commerce Street Alliance, Ohio 44601 330-821-1585

And the Winner Is…

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And the Winner Is…

We are extremely pleased with the new deck. We love the look and feel of stone, and the low maintenance of a stone deck makes a very compelling case for your product. We will be recommending it to anyone who expresses an interest. –Jim

I really liked how easy it was to sweep this fall [2013], but now I am appreciating how much easier it is to shovel the snow off so that we can grill! –Peggy

What decking product has these homeowners so excited? Silca System. Numerous American wood decks have been transformed into low-maintenance stone decks with Silca System. The Smith’s deck, winner of the 2013 Silca System Best Deck Contest, is one of these transformed decks.

As with most decks, weather takes its toll. When you live in northeastern Ohio where wet springs, hot summers, beautiful falls, and cold, snowy winters are common, a treated lumber deck ends up requiring a significant amount of time and money for proper maintenance. Like the Smiths, most people do not look forward to spending a couple hundred dollars and a weekend of time to power-wash, re-stain, and seal their deck every year because, as Jim Smith noted about their deck, “even with regular maintenance, the old decking showed its age (e.g. warped and splintered boards, discoloration). It was aggravating to continue to spend time and money on a deck that was not appealing, even immediately after the regular maintenance.”

But what other option was there? Composite deck boards would still show wear and tear and require routine maintenance. Jim’s brother suggested Silca System. Since he had nothing to lose, Jim looked into it. The idea behind Silca System was to enable homeowners to extend the look, feel, and low-maintenance of stone onto an elevated deck. Because the Silca System grids are designed to meet, if not exceed, residential and commercial building code requirements, the Smiths would have numerous decking surface options to choose from, including granite, travertine, natural stone, or even brick pavers. Jim was sold on the idea. Their weather-worn, treated lumber deck would be transformed into a beautiful, low-maintenance travertine deck.

Jim remodeled the deck himself over a period of two months, working weekends and some evenings. The hardest and least enjoyable part of the project came first—“ripping off the old planking.” Once the old planking was gone though, the new deck began to take shape. The Silca System grid requires no special tools to be cut, making it easy to work with on a deck project. To top it off, there are pre-drilled holes in the grid to make fastening the grid to deck joists easy. With his Silca grids in place, Jim moved on to laying pavers, which “was actually enjoyable—lots of visible progress fast. The worst part about working with the pavers was cutting them to fit around the deck edges.”

But once the pavers were firmly in place, the Smiths had a beautiful travertine deck that would give them more time to enjoy the beauty around them and require less time to maintain. All said and done, their favorite part of the new deck “is a toss-up between the rich look of the stone, the warmth and smoothness of the surface on bare feet, and the ease of sweeping it off compared to the splinters and cracks that grab the broom and hold the dirt on a wood deck.” It doesn’t hurt that friends and family love the Smith’s new deck too!

For more information about how you can transform your deck, visit or call 330-821-1585.

Silca System 14600 Commerce St. Alliance, OH 44601 330-821-1585

Get the Veranda You’ve Always Dreamed of with Silca System

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If you’re a homeowner with acres of land at your disposal, chances are that you put them to good use. Whether you use your fields to grow crops or to graze livestock, you undoubtedly take great pride in your work. It only makes sense then that you have a charming farmhouse porch that allows you to look out over your livelihood every day! With the revolutionary Silca Grate from Silca System, not only can you get the subflooring necessary for your ideal veranda, but you can also convert your wooden porch into a stone porch! Silca System is the perfect product for those who enjoy working with their hands and will enable you to complete the wrap-around porch you’ve always imagined but never thought was possible.

Silca System is unique because it lays the base for floor surfaces that go beyond wooden planks. Regular wooden boards will rot and warp, but stone, brick, or rubber pavers won’t! Silca Grate is strong enough to hold any of these materials. Can you imagine sitting on your rustic, brick-covered veranda, enjoying a cold glass of lemonade, and taking in the view of the countryside? Sounds wonderful, right? With Silca System, this vision can become a reality!

Need more reasons to love Silca System?

  • Versatility
  • Easy-to-use
  • Countless Style Options
  • Perfect for DIY projects
  • Super strong

Take the first step in building your wrap around porch. Once the frame is built, all you need is Silca Grate and your pavers to complete your charming veranda! Let Silca System help you transform your outdoor space. Whether you are looking to build a veranda or a deck, Silca System is the answer. Call 330-821-1585 or visit today!

Check out the Silca System photo gallery for inspiration!

Silca System 14600 Commerce St. Alliance, Oh 44601 Phone: 330-821-1585 Email:

Looking for Deck Design Ideas? Check Out Silca System!

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If you’re thinking about renovating your outdoor space, it’s extremely helpful to have a resource that provides deck design ideas, remodeling photos, building instructions, and more. When you have a one-stop source for information, it’s much easier to ensure you have everything necessary for your project to go smoothly. Silca System’s website is designed not only to enable you to learn about their easy-to-use deck subfloor, but to provide you with testimonials and pictures of decks from customers who have had fantastic results with the revolutionary Silca Grates.

Silca System’s comprehensive website covers everything there is to know about their patented Silca Grate deck subfloor and how it can be used in a variety of ways. From the strength of the grates to their versatility, you can learn all about how this product can drastically change your outdoor space for the better. Along with easy to understand charts and videos that explain how Silca System’s deck subfloor works, they also offer information to homeowners that can completely transform the outdoor experience—from deck building instructions to creative design ideas.

Silca System posts deck remodeling photos and testimonials on their website so that you, DIY homeowners, and contractors can see the options available with Silca System. By taking a look at the photo gallery, you can see how other homeowners have converted their roof surfaces, wooden patios, pool decks, bridges, stairs, and other outdoor areas into attractive and hassle-free surfaces. Combining Silca Grates with brick, rubber, travertine, or granite pavers has enabled homeowners to turn their unsightly or deteriorating outoodr living areas into spaces they are proud of and that increase home value.

After seeing the photos and testimonials on Silca System’s website, you’ll want to start brainstorming your own deck design ideas. Whether you like one customer’s home so much that you want to recreate their deck on your home or you’re inspired by reading their story, Silca System supplies the deck subfloor and installation instructions necessary to complete your project.

To see all of these valuable resources, visit

For more information or to order Silca System, call 330-821-1585 and Silca System will be shipped to you!

Silca System’s Revolutionary Deck Subfloor is Elevating Deck Standards

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Design and Build Your Multi-Tiered Terrace with Silca System

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably have a list of home improvement projects designed to improve the appearance of your home. Paint the shutters. Repave the driveway. Design and plant a flower garden. Replace the drafty wood windows. Re-shingle the house roof.

Maybe your list even includes “build a new deck or porch.” My question for you: why just build a deck when you could build a multi-tiered terrace to transform your outdoor space?

“Well, let me tell you why I haven’t built a deck…” Whether the excuse is time, cost, or difficulty, you shouldn’t avoid building the deck of your dreams! In fact, getting the perfect deck is not as difficult as you think. Silca System has created and incredibly strong deck subflooring that enables YOU to create the outdoor space you’ve always wanted—and you don’t have to hire a contractor! With Silca System, you will have endless possibilities for renovating your outdoor space. Silca System’s Grates create a flat, durable surface that is strong enough to hold stone or brick pavers.

The photos above are just one example of what you can do when working from a Silca System subfloor. These homeowners decided to use stone pavers for their multi-tiered terrace. While the pavers were slightly different in color and size, they fit together nicely, giving the terrace a clean, polished look. The ground level layer of the multi-tiered terrace provides the perfect place to host outdoor gatherings. Once this gorgeous space was completed, the homeowners moved on to the balcony-level remodel. After building a wooden platform that wrapped around the back of the house, the Silca Grates were inserted into the frame to create a sturdy, even surface for the pavers. The same stone from the ground level was used for the balcony, allowing the top and bottom layers to match perfectly. To make the space truly unique, the homeowners added a few special details: The wooden frame was painted a darker shade of brown to complement the house, and floor lights were installed to give the entire balcony a soft glow. This beautiful area was made possible by a few wooden boards, some stone paver, a little creativity, and Silca System!

As you can see, Silca System’s durable subflooring can be used in a variety of different ways to improve the appearance of your home! Whether you want to build a new deck, porch, a set of stair, or even a multi-tiered terrace, Silca System can lay the foundation.

To see more ideas, check out Silca System’s photo gallery.

If you have any questions, or would like to place an order, visit or call 330-821-1585.

Silca System 14600 Commerce St. Alliance, Ohio 44601 Phone: 330-821-1585 Email:

Out with the Old, In with the New

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Out with the Old, In with the New

Shelly M. made a deal with her mom: If her mother would replace the dilapidated wood siding on her house with plastic siding, then Shelly would build her a new front porch. Her mom agreed. Shelly just needed to figure out the logistics, and therein was the problem. You see, Shelly lives in California and her mom lives in Texas, and Shelly only had seven days to build the porch…by herself. What had she gotten herself into?

A couple of days before she was to arrive in Texas, Shelly was searching the internet for a way to make this project possible.

Her biggest fear was that she had taken on a project that would end up as an eyesore. Much to her relief, Shelly found the Silca System website in her search. “My panic was replaced by planning, calculating, envisioning….’If the Silcas work the way I hope they will…’ [became] an element of every decision.”

Instead of trying to build a wood porch by herself, Silca System would enable Shelly to install a brick paver porch. For Shelly, this was a relief! “Finding even two planks that are straight, not bowed, is hard-to-do; finding enough for a small deck could take a full day of driving all over north Texas. Now…the only wood needed for the porch would be for the joist beams. That alone would buy me an enormous amount of time!…With Silca grates, I didn’t have to worry about future problems and costs because of termites, rotting, or the effects over time of north Texas summer heat and winter freezes.”

As Shelly found out during her research, Silca System offered many great benefits that a wood deck would not. The ease of installation was definitely a huge perk for her. She would, if everything went as planned, be able to completely redo her mom’s porch by herself. That meant her mom’s porch wouldn’t be an eyesore, which was a relief! It would be easy for her mom to care for the finished porch.

Before she knew it, Shelly was on a plane to Texas. Since the Silca Grates were being shipped directly to her mom’s house, Shelly was able to spend Day 1 measuring and shopping for the frame lumber and brick pavers. Day 2 brought rain. The Silca Grates arrived on Day 3. By the end of that day, Shelly had the joist foundation built and the Silca Grates installed. Days 4 through 7 were spent building the railings and laying the brick pavers. “At the end of Day 7, I was on a plane feeling very productive, and my Mom was sitting in a rocker on her new porch.”

The only issue with installation that Shelly noticed was the “male curiosity factor.” In short, men were curious about how a girl could install a deck all by herself. “[They] would drive past, slow down, back up, park, and walk over to see what I was doing….None of the guys had ever seen Silca Grates, and everyone had questions….Normally, I would have enjoyed this, but not on a tight deadline.”

While Silca System cannot help with the male curiosity factor, we can help you transform your deck. Visit our website of contact us today to see how we can help you!

Silca System 330-821-1585

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