Silca System’s Revolutionary Deck Subfloor is Transforming American Decks

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Silca System’s Revolutionary Deck Subfloor is Transforming American Decks

Homeowners across the country are raving about the appearance of their outdoor spaces, and it’s all thanks to Silca System! This north-eastern Ohio company has made it possible for homeowners, contractors, and architects to create unique deck designs with their revolutionary deck subfloor.

Not only has deck renovation become an opportunity for homeowners to show off their creativity, but it has also turned into a much simpler, quicker, and more affordable process than ever before!

You don’t have to settle for a wooden deck that requires a lot of maintenance and offers little room for imagination. Silca System’s patented Silca Grates have made it possible for homeowners to convert their decks from wood to stone.

As more and more individuals learn about how they can completely transform their deck or patio, Silca System has steadily grown in popularity. By using Silca System’s strong, durable deck subfloor with slate, granite, or travertine pavers, homeowners have been able to complete their wood-to-stone transformation in a timely manner and at little expense compared to composite decking.

But, how does Silca System’s deck subfloor allow for such drastic deck surfacing transformations? For starters, the Silca Grates manufactured by Silca System offer an amazing level of strength and support. Providing support every two inches, the Grates are able to hold up against the weight of heavy pavers, making it possible to lay down stone or brick instead of wood or composite wood.

Homeowners across the country also appreciate the creative freedom they receive with Silca Grates. When the Grates are properly installed, they offer a strong, flat surface on which to unleash your creativity. Homeowners and architects alike are able to create a vast number of unique deck designs to transform their outdoor living areas. Brick decks with varying shades of blocks, various shapes and styles, and even rubber decks with textured surfaces are all possible because of Silca System’s ingenuity and the company’s desire to change the way the world approaches deck renovation.

To learn more about how Silca System is transforming the decks of people throughout the country, visit

While you’re there, check out the photo gallery to see what your new deck could look like! If you have any questions, call 330-821-1585 to speak with one of Silca System’s knowledgable representatives.

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