Deck Sub Flooring Increases Home Value

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Deciding on how to best go about increasing your home value is a little bit tricky. While you would assume that any outdoor home improvement would work in your favor when it comes time to sell your house, you may unknowingly end up pouring time and money into a project that won’t last. How, then, do you go about improving the appearance and overall value of your home? For starters, you may want to look into deck flooring options other than wood or composite wood, such as Silca System’s unique hexagonal sub flooring. Silca System has given many homeowners the chance to install stone or brick patios that last much longer than regular wood or composite decking.

While deck additions and renovations are highly recommended for those who want to increase their home value, all deck surfaces are not created equal. Consider a traditional wood deck: when you build a wood deck, you can expect to do quite a bit of maintenance over the years. In addition to regularly staining your deck, porch, or patio to keep it in good condition, you will eventually have to replace boards as they suffer wear and tear from the elements. Wood and composite wood decking lose their value over time—not what you’re aiming for when you’re trying to add value to your home. However, installing a stone patio of a brick porch can greatly increase your home value. Having unique deck flooring with help from Silca System can make all the difference in giving your residence more appeal to potential buyers!

Silca System’s sub flooring supports heavier materials like stone and brick, giving homeowners the opportunity to use pavers of varying shapes, sizes, and colors. Unlike a traditional wood or composite wood deck that is uniform in construction, you can make your brick porch or stone patio into a beautiful, kaleidoscopic masterpiece that will grab the attention of potential buyers as soon as they see it!

Using Silca System’s Grates with travertine, blue stone, or brick pavers for your outdoor home improvement project means your deck flooring will last significantly longer AND maintain its value. These tough materials can stand up to weather and regular use better than wood or composite decking, ensuring that you have an outdoor space you can be proud to show off to guests and potential buyers when the time comes to put your house on the market. Having a truly unique deck crafted with natural, long-lasting products goes a long way in helping to give your home an edge over other houses for sale in your area.

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