Environmentally-Friendly Deck Products for Contractors

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Contractors haven’t always had a diverse selection of deck supplies and materials to use when building decks. The lack of options meant that contractors weren’t able to create anything more than a plain wood deck for clients. This is no longer the case. Silca System’s recycled subflooring enables contractors to completely transform their clients’ outdoor living spaces! Homeowners are able to choose a brick or stone surface to put on their Silca System subfloor. No longer is a wood deck your only option!

The Silca Grate from Silca System is a revolutionary product for homeowners as well as contractors. If you have ever thought about turning your wood deck into a stone or brick deck Silca System will make the transition easy. Not only does Silca System’s green product offer a strong, sturdy surface on which to build a unique deck of any shape, color, or design, but it’s also an environmentally friendly product for those searching for a sustainable, eco-friendly option.

Silca System’s Grates, made from 100% recycled materials, greatly reduce the amount of lumber needed to create a fabulous outdoor living area. Many homeowners want to avoid the waste and maintenance costs that come from having a wood deck, so green products like those offered by Silca System are greatly appreciated. With Silca System, homeowners and contractors can use natural stone or brick pavers to complete their eco-friendly deck, porch, balcony, gazebo, bridge, walkway, dock, or garden path.

Along with being easy to install, Silca System gives environmentally conscious companies a chance to utilize all-natural contractor supplies, such as slate and travertine pavers, that they wouldn’t be able to utilize otherwise. Still unsure? Check out
or the
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e to see all the options available to you. For more information, call 330-821-1585.

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