Build the Perfect BBQ Deck Pad with Stone Paver Decks

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Build the Perfect BBQ Deck Pad with Stone Paver Decks

The sun is shining. The kids are running around and playing in the yard. After grabbing some burgers for the kids and a nice steak for yourself, you head out to the deck and start the grill. Nothing beats a great grilled dinner, but is it a good idea to have a grill on your wood or composite deck boards?

Not only are both flammable, but moving your grill across the boards is sure to leave a mark over time. But what should you do? The last thing you want is to redo the whole deck, especially if it’s new or in great shape.

What can you do, then? I’ll tell you: You can build a BBQ deck pad with a brick or stone paver surface like the one featured in this blog. Now, I know it sounds impossible to put pavers on a deck, but Silca System has created an innovative deck sub-floor that makes it possible! With Silca System’s revolutionary Silca Grates, you can install a variety of stone or brick pavers on your deck for a low-maintenance, super-sturdy deck surface. Stone Paver Decks create the ultimate BBQ deck pad experience!

When you’re looking to create a BBQ deck pad, a super-sturdy surface is exactly what you want, which is what convinced Missouri contractor Carroll Stewart that Silca System was perfect to create a BBQ deck pad for his client. Once the deck frame was in place, Carroll installed the Silca Grates with 3-1/8 inch torx screws and then laid the brick pavers directly on the Grates. Carroll chose to do a dry lay with the pavers to promote faster draining of water and prevent standing water on the deck which can lead to mold and rot. From framing to finish, it took 3-4 hours to complete the 4 foot by 6 foot BBQ pad with a gorgeous brick paver surface.

The best part of the BBQ pad was the customer’s satisfaction. Not only did they have an elegant BBQ pad unlike any other, but they would be able to BBQ and enjoy their chimney without worrying about damaging their expensive deck boards.

You can transform your deck too! Why wait? Contact us or call 330-821-1585 and get started today!


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