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We all want our homes to look their best. However, we also search for the most convenient and hassle-free solutions to our home improvement woes. For example, a low maintenance deck can save you a significant amount of time, money, and stress. But how do you build a low maintenance deck? Traditional deck boards rot and warp overtime and require a large amount of time and maintenance. Composite decking will show wear and fade over time. Silca System has the solution! Silca System’s deck subfloor and brick, travertine, marble, or granite pavers not only make adding a deck simple, but are extremely low maintenance. Read on to find out what Silca System is capable of.

One of the major benefits to using deck materials from Silca System is the level of strength and support you receive from their structural grate. The hexagonal deck subfloor is made from thick, engineered polymer that provides support every two inches. This enables homeowners to create a brick, travertine, or granite deck without worrying that the deck won’t be able to withstand the heavy weight of stone pieces or pavers.

The key to build a low maintenance deck lies in its structure. With regular lumber for your deck surface, you can expect to spend a lot of time and money to retain its appearance. Otherwise, you’re left with a faded, weather-damaged deck that’s unpleasant to look at and can be dangerous to walk on. The same issues occur when you build a stone deck on the ground or use a sand base. Over time, you’ll find that your previously level deck has become a sunken patio in need of repair. No one wants to constantly spend time and money to fix their outdoor space, so why not opt to create a unique paver deck with Silca System’s subfloor?

To learn more about Silca System and how the company can help you create a low maintenance deck with their revolutionary deck material and strong pavers, visit

The comprehensive website gives homeowners the opportunity to see finished Silca System decks and find ideas for their own homes. If you have any questions about Silca System or would like to place an order, call 330-821-1585.

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