The Benefits of Building the Deck of Your Dreams

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Many new homes in the Denver, Colorado area are being built with raised decks that give homeowners a beautiful view of the mountains. Not only does an elevated deck allow residents to enjoy the majestic landscape around them, but also increases the value of the house itself. However, the wrong kind of deck could prove disastrous when faced with Colorado’s inclement weather so many homeowners have opted to use Silca System on their deck instead of traditional wood deck boards. Thanks to Silca System’s revolutionary deck subfloor, homeowners can build their own unique deck using stone pieces or pavers. Whether your home is lacking a deck or you want to resurface your existing deck, Silca System will start you on the path to getting the deck you deserve.

Denver is a truly eye-catching city, but susceptible to fluctuating weather conditions due to the high mountains and open spaces. It’s not unusual for the area to experience hard rain and an abundance of snow. Such weather conditions are particularly damaging to wood decks because excessive moisture can wreak havoc on wood, causing cracks and mold growth. Building a deck with a stone surface, however, ensures that your deck is able to withstand the harsh weather.

With Silca System’s user-friendly deck subfloor attached to your deck joists, you will have more surface options than with a basic wooden frame. The deck subfloor is capable of handling the weight of heavy pavers and stone pieces, so you can design your raised deck surface using whatever materials you want to give your outdoor space the ambiance you desire.

The possibilities are truly endless when deck stones or deck pavers enter the deck equation with Silca System. However, there’s an even greater advantage to applying Silca System’s deck subfloor for your raised patio project—saving money. Building a raised deck or building elevated deck area for your home can significantly cut down costs, especially if you do the work yourself. And Silca System can show you just how it’s done! Many Denver area residents would feel a little apprehensive about taking on such a task. Fortunately, Silca System’s user-friendly Silca Grates™ can turn even the most inexperienced individual into a deck-building expert.

Armed with only Silca System’s deck support product, deck stones or deck pavers, a tough drill, and an electric saw, homeowners across the country have built their very own elevated decks. Since the Silca Grates™ are made for easy application, Do-It-Yourselfers merely need to attach the Grates to the wooden joists of the deck frame. If the grates don’t fit neatly, homeowners can cut them to size—a task that can be easily accomplished with a standard electric saw.

With all of the money you’re saving by not hiring a contractor, you can be much more creative with your deck surface! For instance, you can purchase beautiful deck stones, bricks, or deck pavers made from travertine instead of relying on composite decking. Not only will such deck surfacing materials provide your elevated deck with a more attractive appearance, but they will also help you save on maintenance costs since they are better able to withstand heavy rain and snow!

An elevated deck provides a great place to entertain, relax, and cook outdoors, so why wouldn’t you want it to be as attractive as it is functional? By using Silca System to complete your raised porch project, you will be able to save more on home improvement costs while still getting the outdoor space of your dreams.

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