Decking Options to add Value

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Decking options

We call on you today to have a look at the display of our wide variety of deck styles, colors and material.  Our experts will be around and willing to explain to you the benefits of different decking materials and construction strategies and techniques available, and also explain them to you. There’s no other way for you to get the information required to kick start your outdoor project.

Deck Options

 Alternatives in place for decking materials

There are numerous materials in place; Deck surfaces are available in a variety of materials. Pressure Treated Wood, Capped Composite materials and Natural woods are all you need to consider for your deck. Although we can’t deny the fact that each has its limitations and advantages.

Deck Construction and design

While constructing/ designing wood deck, there are some things we take in into consideration, some of which include the proper planning of space to give room for chairs, tables, food prep areas, barbecue with some other things you would want to put into your deck. We would also consider the ability to maintain views and the size of the property. To make your job superb, we try to incorporate wide stairs, also known as wrap around stairs, to maintain open air feeling to the area. Not only that, we try to make use of built-in planters to bring out the beauty of the landscape beyond onto the deck. We also make socializing beautiful and easy through the addition of custom seating that have been built on the deck in 3 sided bench or  “L” Shape. We can tailor the railings through modification and the use of manufactured rails that have been designed ourselves.

We’ve built all our decks to code, and these include the concrete footings 36″ deep and 12″ diameter. You can trust that we’re safe and unique. We might have clients who wouldn’t want to go with an angular (octagonal), traditional rectangular deck,  rounded, curved deck and rails can be designed to meet their outdoor needs. We can help you build decks that’ll bring the outdoor space up to the same level as your home. When you experience a steep slope, a lower deck creating multiple levels can be formed from higher deck. Also, a deck that has been built around a portable hot tub will grant easy access to the spa and the appearance of a built-in spa. Galvanized buglehead nails and ringshank stainless steel can be used together to install wood decks. Stanley steel deck screen can be used as an alternative. Bear in mind that the underlying deck is built with pressure treated wood, as we’ve discussed earlier for the decking surfaces that have been highlighted. This is important to ensure rigidity, strength and longevity.

Natural Wood Decking

Decking that has been made with natural wood cannot be compared to results gotten from other materials. As good as this may sound, one must ensure regular maintenance . Pressure Treated Lumber, Iron Wood (IPE) and cedar as a decking surface, requires regular maintenance.

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