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Make a Silca System Stone Deck Your New Backyard Masterpiece

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Make a Silca System Stone Deck Your New Backyard Masterpiece Considering a new pool for your home next summer? If so, you’ll need a pool deck to go with it, and Silca System wants to help you create it! Imagine surrounding your pool with beautiful stone pavers artfully placed to create a gorgeous mosaic. Silca System’s patented Silca Grates can help you make that dream a reality. Silca Grates are perfect for pool decks for a number of reasons, such as durability against weather and time and superior strength to hold up a variety of pavers. You see, traditional wood planks don’t hold up against the weather, no matter how many coats of sealant you apply. You also have to consider the effects of not only weather-related moisture, but moisture from the pool. Mildew, rot, and other water damage are an even bigger issue, not to mention the likelihood of accidental slips and falls on slippery wood and painful splinters. With Silca Grates, traditional wood planks are a thing of the past. The world of pavers is open to you. The only limitation is your imagination! Unleash your creativity and design a stone paver pool deck that adds sophistication, fun, and functionality to your outdoor living and recreation area. Make your yard the place to be this summer. Of course, you probably assume that investing in a durable deck will be extremely expensive. Wrong! The cost of Silca Grates is comparable to that of composite decking. Unlike composite decking, however, Silca System requires virtually no maintenance. With Silca System, you will no longer have to invest year after year in resealing your deck. Another perk? Silca System is easy to install, so you don’t have to hire a contractor. With a few basic tools, you can easily install the Silca System subflooring for your pool deck! If you choose to work with a contractor, ask them about Silca System. You may help them discover their new favorite building material. Silca System is not just a better way to build a deck; it’s the best way to build a deck. Whether you are building a brand new deck or remodeling and resurfacing an existing deck, Silca Grates will slide seamlessly into place, adding strength, longevity, and creative potential to your deck. Visit to explore the options available for your deck. You can also call 330-821-1585 for more information or to place an order! Silca System 14600 Commerce St. Alliance, OH 44601

A Deck Above the Rest

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A Deck Above the Rest

It’s a hot summer day. You’re sitting in your favorite lawn chair, the one with the nice beer holders; your wife is laying on a faded beach towel, romance novel in hand; the kids are playing in the “pool”—a five foot inflatable circle that holds water. It’d be great to dangle your feet in the cool, refreshing water, but that would mean kicking one of the kids out. So you settle for your sun-warmed beer and dream of the perfect pool deck.

You can see it in your mind: an in-ground pool with clear, glistening water surrounded by a gorgeous stone deck. The deck is wide enough to finally get that new lounge chair your wife has always wanted, the one with the sun shade and cup holder.

The kids can get actual pool toys to play with (foam noodles, splash bombs, diving rings) and store them in a container on the side of the deck. Behind the pool is your domain: a stone bar and grill area with a flat screen TV and beer cooler. That sun-warmed beer will never happen again!

Eric and his family had a similar dream for an in-ground pool. There was just one problem: the eastern Pennsylvania community they lived in didn’t have access to public sewer and water. Instead, their backyard was consumed by a sand mound septic system, effectively preventing them from being able to dig into the ground for an in-ground pool.

Eric and his wife Gen tossed around the idea of an above ground pool, probably with a wooden deck. Unfortunately, neither of them liked the look of an above ground pool. It seemed like such an eyesore. After much debate, they decided an above ground pool could look good if they put a stone paver deck around it rather than a wood deck.

Having previously installed decks, Eric wanted an out-of-the-box alternative to a wood deck. Wood decks required too much maintenance, were prone to have nails sticking up to trip over, and generally became hot to walk on during the summer. Friends, neighbors, and coworkers told Eric he would never find a decking system that would allow him to install a stone paver deck around his above ground pool, but Eric was determined. He began researching decking systems on the internet. Thanks to Google, Eric found Silca System: the answer to his problem!

Silca System made it possible for Eric to install stone pavers because of their hexagon honeycomb design. Just as honeybees rely on hexagons for strength when building their hives, Silca Grate™ uses the same naturally-designed hexagon technology to create a super-strong substructure suitable for elevated decks and patios, as well as ground applications. Silca Grate™ grids, measuring 16×18” (2 square feet), are composed of durable 1 1/2” thick engineered polymer and are so strong that Silca Grate™ meets or exceeds residential and commercial building codes.

After reading about Silca System and what it could do for him, Eric contacted Silca System and then began his new pool and deck. Start to finish, the project took about 2 months to complete, working on the weekends. Building the substructure for the deck took about 3 weekends, cutting and installing Silca System about 1, and cutting and installing the stone pavers about 4 with Eric, Gen, and a friend working together. According to Eric, the most time consuming part was cutting everything to fit a round pool. “All said and done, it was a relatively easy installation.”

The pool itself is 33 feet wide, so their deck was no small deal! Especially since Eric’s number one pet peeve about pool decks is that “people build too small. It’s their number one mistake. No one wants to hang out around a pool if there isn’t enough room to be comfortable and relax.” In order to make their pool and deck as accommodating as possible, Eric built two staircases (one going left, the other right) leading to a 5 foot deck on either side of the pool. Off the back of the pool is a 20 foot area with a bar and grill, flat screen TV, and sitting area.

If Silca System was able to make Eric and hisfamily’s dream become a reality with an elevated deck that can stand the test of time, is great for the kids, and has virtually no maintenance, just think what Silca System can do for you, whether you’re building a new elevated deck, raised deck, or patio or transforming a wood deck to a stone deck. Contact us today and start making your dream deck a reality!

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