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Make a Silca System Stone Deck Your New Backyard Masterpiece

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Make a Silca System Stone Deck Your New Backyard Masterpiece Considering a new pool for your home next summer? If so, you’ll need a pool deck to go with it, and Silca System wants to help you create it! Imagine surrounding your pool with beautiful stone pavers artfully placed to create a gorgeous mosaic. Silca System’s patented Silca Grates can help you make that dream a reality. Silca Grates are perfect for pool decks for a number of reasons, such as durability against weather and time and superior strength to hold up a variety of pavers. You see, traditional wood planks don’t hold up against the weather, no matter how many coats of sealant you apply. You also have to consider the effects of not only weather-related moisture, but moisture from the pool. Mildew, rot, and other water damage are an even bigger issue, not to mention the likelihood of accidental slips and falls on slippery wood and painful splinters. With Silca Grates, traditional wood planks are a thing of the past. The world of pavers is open to you. The only limitation is your imagination! Unleash your creativity and design a stone paver pool deck that adds sophistication, fun, and functionality to your outdoor living and recreation area. Make your yard the place to be this summer. Of course, you probably assume that investing in a durable deck will be extremely expensive. Wrong! The cost of Silca Grates is comparable to that of composite decking. Unlike composite decking, however, Silca System requires virtually no maintenance. With Silca System, you will no longer have to invest year after year in resealing your deck. Another perk? Silca System is easy to install, so you don’t have to hire a contractor. With a few basic tools, you can easily install the Silca System subflooring for your pool deck! If you choose to work with a contractor, ask them about Silca System. You may help them discover their new favorite building material. Silca System is not just a better way to build a deck; it’s the best way to build a deck. Whether you are building a brand new deck or remodeling and resurfacing an existing deck, Silca Grates will slide seamlessly into place, adding strength, longevity, and creative potential to your deck. Visit to explore the options available for your deck. You can also call 330-821-1585 for more information or to place an order! Silca System 14600 Commerce St. Alliance, OH 44601

Build the Perfect BBQ Deck Pad with Stone Paver Decks

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Build the Perfect BBQ Deck Pad with Stone Paver Decks

The sun is shining. The kids are running around and playing in the yard. After grabbing some burgers for the kids and a nice steak for yourself, you head out to the deck and start the grill. Nothing beats a great grilled dinner, but is it a good idea to have a grill on your wood or composite deck boards?

Not only are both flammable, but moving your grill across the boards is sure to leave a mark over time. But what should you do? The last thing you want is to redo the whole deck, especially if it’s new or in great shape.

What can you do, then? I’ll tell you: You can build a BBQ deck pad with a brick or stone paver surface like the one featured in this blog. Now, I know it sounds impossible to put pavers on a deck, but Silca System has created an innovative deck sub-floor that makes it possible! With Silca System’s revolutionary Silca Grates, you can install a variety of stone or brick pavers on your deck for a low-maintenance, super-sturdy deck surface. Stone Paver Decks create the ultimate BBQ deck pad experience!

When you’re looking to create a BBQ deck pad, a super-sturdy surface is exactly what you want, which is what convinced Missouri contractor Carroll Stewart that Silca System was perfect to create a BBQ deck pad for his client. Once the deck frame was in place, Carroll installed the Silca Grates with 3-1/8 inch torx screws and then laid the brick pavers directly on the Grates. Carroll chose to do a dry lay with the pavers to promote faster draining of water and prevent standing water on the deck which can lead to mold and rot. From framing to finish, it took 3-4 hours to complete the 4 foot by 6 foot BBQ pad with a gorgeous brick paver surface.

The best part of the BBQ pad was the customer’s satisfaction. Not only did they have an elegant BBQ pad unlike any other, but they would be able to BBQ and enjoy their chimney without worrying about damaging their expensive deck boards.

You can transform your deck too! Why wait? Contact us or call 330-821-1585 and get started today!


Take Your Elevated Deck to New Heights with Stone Flooring

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Take Your Elevated Deck to New Heights with Stone Flooring

elevated deck stone flooring Imagine going from sun bleach or discolored wood to a gorgeous elevated deck with high-end travertine, slate or stone flooring.  It’s easier than you think to create a deck with a unique look that is timeless and maintenance free. While home decks, including elevated decks are typically made of wood, there are many new alternatives on the market. Many feel composite decking, for example, is the answer to the warping, fading, and other problems associated with wood deck surfaces.  This can help you avoid or at delay these problems, but you’re still left with a basic plank-like deck surface that has the appearance of wood.  Stone, however, can take your elevated deck to new heights, literally and figuratively. For stone decks, your options are endless. The variety of pavers, brick and stone such as slate, travertine and marble, is astounding.  Even if every house on your block built an elevated deck with stone, chances are that no two decks would look alike. Would you rather have a traditional wood deck or a high-end deck that doesn’t depreciate over time? It’s like having a masterpiece in your own backyard – one worthy of a design magazine.

What’s needed for an elevated deck with stone flooring?

  • A wooden or metal foundation or structure
  • A strong sub flooring, like Silca System® Silca Grates™
  • Geo-textile blanket or landscape fabric (if you use sand between paver joints)
  • Stone pavers of travertine, slate, brick, marble, etc.

How can a deck safely carry the weight of stone?

Stone flooring is obviously heavier, so how do you get a stone deck while maintaining safety and durability? We recommend Silca System® for your deck sub flooring.  These square grates made of high-grade plastic polymer support greater weight loads. They fit a standard decking base and are rated for residential or commercial use. stone deck with brick pavers

Flexible design options

They create a level surface that you can then cover with an enormous variety of pavers in nearly any shape or size. Rounded edges? No problem, the grates can be cut to size. Have a multi-level deck or a staircase to the lower level? They can be used as under layment for stairs, gazebos and patios as well. Best of all, a deck or elevated deck with stone flooring is virtually maintenance free. Your brick pavers or stone pavers will not have to be resealed year after year, nor will they lose their color. This kind of decking material or sub flooring may sound expensive, but it’s not.  In fact, for about the same cost as composite decking materials, you can buy Silca System® sub flooring and pavers. A strong sub flooring like Silca grates™ open up a world of possibilities for elevated decks with stone in any location. They’re easy enough to use for the do-it-yourselfer as well as the professional contractor. They’re also made in the U.S.A. Visit the Silca System® website for information on elevated decks and photos of stone decks.  

Raising the Bar on Elevated Decks

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Silca System is changing the face of the decking industry one deck at a time. With Silca System, your bored, wooden deck will be transformed into a work of art.

So, what is Silca System and how can it do all that? Silca System is a structural grate that fits between the floor joists of your deck. The grates are easy to cut and can be made to fit any size deck, whether perfectly square or full of angles and curves. Silca System’s grates are designed for structural stability and allow you deck to hold greater weight than a traditional deck because Silca System creates an even surface when attached to the framing. Once you add your deck surface, you will have a slightly raised or elevated deck.

Silca System allows you to choose from an almost endless array of natural stone and brick pavers, which means you have infinite creative prospects at your disposal. And the subflooring easily withstands temperature and weather changes without damage. The investment you make in your deck will be just as beautiful many years in the future WITHOUT decreasing the value of your home with costly maintenance. Unlike a traditional wood deck, Silca System will not rot, warp, or let you down. It’s true that some stones will fade a bit over time, but they hold their shape, will not become infested with mildew or mold, and they will never require repeated staining and sealing.

Silca System is easy enough to work with that do-it-yourself homeowners can use it, but it also has numerous applications for contractors, landscape architects, and other professionals. An added bonus: Silca System is 100% American-made. Silca System, manufactured in Alliance, Ohio, is shipped all over the country.

If an elevated deck that requires virtually no maintenance, increases your home value and doesn’t depreciate over time, and showcases your unique and original style is something you’d like to know more about, call Silca System at 330-821-1585 or visit .

Silca System 14600 Commerce Street Alliance, OH 44601 330-821-1585

Install an Outdoor Fireplace on an Elevated Deck with Silca System

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Install an Outdoor Fireplace on an Elevated Deck with Silca System

Over the years, manufacturers have introduced a wide variety of outdoor furnishings and decking alternatives, allowing homeowners to transform their backyards into outdoor living rooms. Decks and patios are no longer plain, wooden platforms on which to set up chairs and tables. Instead, they are often cozy, fully-furnished spaces where homeowners can enjoy spending time with friends and family. Today’s homeowners have more options than ever before, especially when building a deck with Silca System.

By utilizing the strong, durable Silca System deck subfloor, homeowners are able to create more dynamic decks than ever, such as brick pool decks, travertine hot tub deck surfaces, and even outdoor fireplaces built on stone decking aprons.

While there have been a number of new home improvement products created over the last several years, few are so innovative as Silca System’s decking alternative. The revolutionary deck material has opened so many doors in terms of what homeowners can do with their outdoor spaces. Rather than working around the constraints of a wooden deck, homeowners are opting to use Silca System’s Silca Grates to construct attractive, long-lasting decks made from brick, stone, rubber pavers, and more.

Silca Grates and pavers can help create a more attractive and functional swimming pool deck or a sturdy hot tube deck surface. Not only will homeowners no longer have to worry about mold growth and splinters from a wood deck, they can also feel safer knowing the surface around their pool or under their hot tub is built to last. The amount of creative freedom homeowners have with Silca System is refreshing.

Now, your options aren’t limited to pool decks or hot tub deck surfaces. Silca System’s alternative deck material can also be used for outdoor fireplaces with stone decking aprons. A wooden deck is unable to handle the weight and heat of a fireplace, so installing a stone surface allows homeowners to enjoy the warmth and appearance of a crackling fire on chilly evening.

Creating a deck with Silca Grates and pavers give YOU limitless options in regards to your backyard, so why not take a moment to see what else is possible with Silca System?

Visit or call 330-821-1585.

Silca System 14600 Commerce Street Alliance, Ohio 44601 330-821-1585

And the Winner Is…

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And the Winner Is…

We are extremely pleased with the new deck. We love the look and feel of stone, and the low maintenance of a stone deck makes a very compelling case for your product. We will be recommending it to anyone who expresses an interest. –Jim

I really liked how easy it was to sweep this fall [2013], but now I am appreciating how much easier it is to shovel the snow off so that we can grill! –Peggy

What decking product has these homeowners so excited? Silca System. Numerous American wood decks have been transformed into low-maintenance stone decks with Silca System. The Smith’s deck, winner of the 2013 Silca System Best Deck Contest, is one of these transformed decks.

As with most decks, weather takes its toll. When you live in northeastern Ohio where wet springs, hot summers, beautiful falls, and cold, snowy winters are common, a treated lumber deck ends up requiring a significant amount of time and money for proper maintenance. Like the Smiths, most people do not look forward to spending a couple hundred dollars and a weekend of time to power-wash, re-stain, and seal their deck every year because, as Jim Smith noted about their deck, “even with regular maintenance, the old decking showed its age (e.g. warped and splintered boards, discoloration). It was aggravating to continue to spend time and money on a deck that was not appealing, even immediately after the regular maintenance.”

But what other option was there? Composite deck boards would still show wear and tear and require routine maintenance. Jim’s brother suggested Silca System. Since he had nothing to lose, Jim looked into it. The idea behind Silca System was to enable homeowners to extend the look, feel, and low-maintenance of stone onto an elevated deck. Because the Silca System grids are designed to meet, if not exceed, residential and commercial building code requirements, the Smiths would have numerous decking surface options to choose from, including granite, travertine, natural stone, or even brick pavers. Jim was sold on the idea. Their weather-worn, treated lumber deck would be transformed into a beautiful, low-maintenance travertine deck.

Jim remodeled the deck himself over a period of two months, working weekends and some evenings. The hardest and least enjoyable part of the project came first—“ripping off the old planking.” Once the old planking was gone though, the new deck began to take shape. The Silca System grid requires no special tools to be cut, making it easy to work with on a deck project. To top it off, there are pre-drilled holes in the grid to make fastening the grid to deck joists easy. With his Silca grids in place, Jim moved on to laying pavers, which “was actually enjoyable—lots of visible progress fast. The worst part about working with the pavers was cutting them to fit around the deck edges.”

But once the pavers were firmly in place, the Smiths had a beautiful travertine deck that would give them more time to enjoy the beauty around them and require less time to maintain. All said and done, their favorite part of the new deck “is a toss-up between the rich look of the stone, the warmth and smoothness of the surface on bare feet, and the ease of sweeping it off compared to the splinters and cracks that grab the broom and hold the dirt on a wood deck.” It doesn’t hurt that friends and family love the Smith’s new deck too!

For more information about how you can transform your deck, visit or call 330-821-1585.

Silca System 14600 Commerce St. Alliance, OH 44601 330-821-1585

Upgrade Your Elevated Deck with Silca System

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Silca System is taking everything you think about decks and turning it on its head. Whether you live near the ocean, the woods, the mountains, or the city, a Silca System elevated deck can give you years of enjoyment.

Now, you may be thinking that adding a deck to your home or renovating your current deck is not an option due to price. However, Silca System is an extremely cost effective investment compared to traditional deck options. Silca System’s subflooring enables you to create a deck masterpiece that will pay for itself in a very short time. Between the increased property value and the money you save by not having to deal with maintenance, the return on your investment may surprise you.

How many times have you expressed appreciation for a friend’s deck only to have them tell you that, over time, it has cost them more than they had planned or budgeted for? Lots of moisture and heat damage wood deck boards, often beyond repair. Dampness trapped on or beneath the deck contributes to the growth of mold and mildew. While sealants help prevent this, they have to be reapplied regularly in order to remain effective. If mildew does become an issue, deck boards have to be cleaned thoroughly and then resealed or even replaced. Moisture and heat also cause warping and cracking in wood deck boards as they dry out and shrink.

The good news is that you can create a phenomenal deck for your home or business AND never have to worry about replacing or resealing deck boards. Silca System is the solution. The Silca System subflooring enables you to create a striking elevated deck with brick or stone pavers for the surface. Pavers are available in an innumerable variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. With Silca System and stone pavers, your elevated deck will be the talk of the town.

Silca System is available to contractors and homeowners alike. Not only is it affordable, but Silca System is more structurally sound than many traditional wood decks because it exceeds commercial and residential building codes. The Grates can easily be cut and shaped to fit around posts and other architectural elements or to allow you to explore the creative possibilities opened up to you by Silca System.

To see how awesome your deck can look, check out the Silca System photo gallery.

For more information on Silca System or to place an order, call 330-821-1585 or visit

Get the Veranda You’ve Always Dreamed of with Silca System

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If you’re a homeowner with acres of land at your disposal, chances are that you put them to good use. Whether you use your fields to grow crops or to graze livestock, you undoubtedly take great pride in your work. It only makes sense then that you have a charming farmhouse porch that allows you to look out over your livelihood every day! With the revolutionary Silca Grate from Silca System, not only can you get the subflooring necessary for your ideal veranda, but you can also convert your wooden porch into a stone porch! Silca System is the perfect product for those who enjoy working with their hands and will enable you to complete the wrap-around porch you’ve always imagined but never thought was possible.

Silca System is unique because it lays the base for floor surfaces that go beyond wooden planks. Regular wooden boards will rot and warp, but stone, brick, or rubber pavers won’t! Silca Grate is strong enough to hold any of these materials. Can you imagine sitting on your rustic, brick-covered veranda, enjoying a cold glass of lemonade, and taking in the view of the countryside? Sounds wonderful, right? With Silca System, this vision can become a reality!

Need more reasons to love Silca System?

  • Versatility
  • Easy-to-use
  • Countless Style Options
  • Perfect for DIY projects
  • Super strong

Take the first step in building your wrap around porch. Once the frame is built, all you need is Silca Grate and your pavers to complete your charming veranda! Let Silca System help you transform your outdoor space. Whether you are looking to build a veranda or a deck, Silca System is the answer. Call 330-821-1585 or visit today!

Check out the Silca System photo gallery for inspiration!

Silca System 14600 Commerce St. Alliance, Oh 44601 Phone: 330-821-1585 Email:

Looking for Deck Design Ideas? Check Out Silca System!

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If you’re thinking about renovating your outdoor space, it’s extremely helpful to have a resource that provides deck design ideas, remodeling photos, building instructions, and more. When you have a one-stop source for information, it’s much easier to ensure you have everything necessary for your project to go smoothly. Silca System’s website is designed not only to enable you to learn about their easy-to-use deck subfloor, but to provide you with testimonials and pictures of decks from customers who have had fantastic results with the revolutionary Silca Grates.

Silca System’s comprehensive website covers everything there is to know about their patented Silca Grate deck subfloor and how it can be used in a variety of ways. From the strength of the grates to their versatility, you can learn all about how this product can drastically change your outdoor space for the better. Along with easy to understand charts and videos that explain how Silca System’s deck subfloor works, they also offer information to homeowners that can completely transform the outdoor experience—from deck building instructions to creative design ideas.

Silca System posts deck remodeling photos and testimonials on their website so that you, DIY homeowners, and contractors can see the options available with Silca System. By taking a look at the photo gallery, you can see how other homeowners have converted their roof surfaces, wooden patios, pool decks, bridges, stairs, and other outdoor areas into attractive and hassle-free surfaces. Combining Silca Grates with brick, rubber, travertine, or granite pavers has enabled homeowners to turn their unsightly or deteriorating outoodr living areas into spaces they are proud of and that increase home value.

After seeing the photos and testimonials on Silca System’s website, you’ll want to start brainstorming your own deck design ideas. Whether you like one customer’s home so much that you want to recreate their deck on your home or you’re inspired by reading their story, Silca System supplies the deck subfloor and installation instructions necessary to complete your project.

To see all of these valuable resources, visit

For more information or to order Silca System, call 330-821-1585 and Silca System will be shipped to you!

Silca System’s Revolutionary Deck Subfloor is Elevating Deck Standards

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Design and Build Your Multi-Tiered Terrace with Silca System

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably have a list of home improvement projects designed to improve the appearance of your home. Paint the shutters. Repave the driveway. Design and plant a flower garden. Replace the drafty wood windows. Re-shingle the house roof.

Maybe your list even includes “build a new deck or porch.” My question for you: why just build a deck when you could build a multi-tiered terrace to transform your outdoor space?

“Well, let me tell you why I haven’t built a deck…” Whether the excuse is time, cost, or difficulty, you shouldn’t avoid building the deck of your dreams! In fact, getting the perfect deck is not as difficult as you think. Silca System has created and incredibly strong deck subflooring that enables YOU to create the outdoor space you’ve always wanted—and you don’t have to hire a contractor! With Silca System, you will have endless possibilities for renovating your outdoor space. Silca System’s Grates create a flat, durable surface that is strong enough to hold stone or brick pavers.

The photos above are just one example of what you can do when working from a Silca System subfloor. These homeowners decided to use stone pavers for their multi-tiered terrace. While the pavers were slightly different in color and size, they fit together nicely, giving the terrace a clean, polished look. The ground level layer of the multi-tiered terrace provides the perfect place to host outdoor gatherings. Once this gorgeous space was completed, the homeowners moved on to the balcony-level remodel. After building a wooden platform that wrapped around the back of the house, the Silca Grates were inserted into the frame to create a sturdy, even surface for the pavers. The same stone from the ground level was used for the balcony, allowing the top and bottom layers to match perfectly. To make the space truly unique, the homeowners added a few special details: The wooden frame was painted a darker shade of brown to complement the house, and floor lights were installed to give the entire balcony a soft glow. This beautiful area was made possible by a few wooden boards, some stone paver, a little creativity, and Silca System!

As you can see, Silca System’s durable subflooring can be used in a variety of different ways to improve the appearance of your home! Whether you want to build a new deck, porch, a set of stair, or even a multi-tiered terrace, Silca System can lay the foundation.

To see more ideas, check out Silca System’s photo gallery.

If you have any questions, or would like to place an order, visit or call 330-821-1585.

Silca System 14600 Commerce St. Alliance, Ohio 44601 Phone: 330-821-1585 Email:

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